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Guangzhou Nansha features snack Cha Siu Bao

2023-01-28Aix XinLe

Guangdong bun dessert is one representative, is "four heavenly kings (shrimp dumplings, steamed dumplings dry, bun, tarts)" One of Cantonese tea. In pork cut into small pieces, was added oyster sauce seasoning become fillings, outer wrap flour, steamed in the steamer made. Usually bun size of about five centimeters, a cage is typically three or four. Good barbecued pork bun using a moderate fat and lean pork for filling, steamed after the foreskin is just creamy, slightly cracked to expose pork fillings, infiltration issue bursts of flavor of pork.

Guangzhou Nansha features snack Cha Siu Bao

 Barbecued pork bun foreskin is now using yeast fermentation, can make the foreskin is more soft and delicious. Barbecued pork bun fillings pork production is to cut wire, and then transferred on mushy gravy, steamed, it will become the "Yuye pork buns." Its characteristics are: foreskin soft, fragrant stuffing have juice. Bun dough within the package because the pork meat, hence the name. Improvement bun dough is bread dough through conventional northern made. To kneaded when packs made bird cage, as appropriate fermentation, steamed buns top season cracking, in fact, one kind of steamed pork meat with flowering.

In Guangdong, barbecued pork bun is not just a snack, it also symbolizes the unity and harmony, as well as have the connotation of meaning. Some also say that embodies the meaning of inclusive outsourcing retraction from the structure of barbecued pork bun. However, the development up to now, the younger generation has given it an alternative meaning, that is to say a person thought, action not agile, Chi Dun meaning.


raw material

Pork meat, salt, pepper, onion, ginger, soy sauce, the right amount of flour.


1, small pieces of pork fillet, finely chopped onion, soy sauce, salt mix into a trap;

2, flour sugar, hot water, baking powder, for about two hours to initiate dough, add sesame oil, sugar. When the flour rub, rub the flour when soft moderate, with the use of a semi-wet towel covered, to a certain extent be fermented flour, then rub evenly standby.

3, a good rub the hair about two flour into each half of the dough weight, rounding on the palm, the middle roll into thick and thin skin on both sides of the intermediate shape into a concave shape, into the amount of filling, and then folding opening kneaded Wushi shed without filling, with a white bag bottom cushion, into the steamer, with the raging boiling water separator and steam for about 15 minutes.

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