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Guangzhou features snack sweet dumpling

2023-01-29Aix XinLe

Han Chinese dumpling is one of the representatives of snacks, a very long history. According to legend, it originated in the Song Dynasty dumplings. At that time Minnesota (now Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province) the rise of a novel food to eat, that is, for the filling of various candies, outside knead the ball of glutinous rice flour, cooked, tastes sweet and delicious, witty. Because of this glutinous rice balls cooked in a pan and float and sink, it was first called "floating Motoko" and later in some areas the "floating Motoko" renamed Lantern. It is said Lantern symbol of family reunion, eat Lantern new year means family happiness, round and round.

Guangzhou features snack sweet dumpling

Medley dumplings practice

First green beans, red beans, sugar melon, taro were steamed or boiled, peeled, were added sugar, sesame, lard and other condiments made of four kinds of sweet fillings were wrapped into a dumpling skin stuffing four different heart, cook mark. Four kinds of rice balls into the water boiled with sugar. Each bowl of dumpling fillings different one each. It is characterized by soft, smooth and delicate, four kinds of different taste.

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