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New York must eat food recommendation: traditional Jewish pastry Bagel

2023-03-19Aix XinLe

New York is a gourmet city with many delicious foods, among which the Jewish pastry Bagel is one of the must-have foods. This article will introduce you to Bagel's history, characteristics, and where you can taste it in New York.

Bagel, a traditional pastry from Jews, has become a landmark food in New York. It was brought to the United States by Jewish immigrants in the late 19th century and has now become one of the must-have delicacies in New York. Here are some key points for Bagel.


The origin of Bagel can be traced back to 16th century Poland, where it was originally a type of bread celebrating special occasions. Jewish immigrants brought it to the United States and vigorously promoted it in the United States. In the early 20th century, Bagel became popular in New York and became an important cultural symbol of the Jewish community.


Bagel has a circular shape with a small hole in the middle. Its production process is unique, usually boiling in boiling water before baking. This unique cooking method gives Bagel a unique taste and aroma. Bagel has a soft and chewy taste, and can be paired with various flavors of cream cheese, salted herring, smoked salmon, beef, and more. It can be used not only as breakfast food, but also as fast food or snacks.

Taste Bagel in New York

In New York, you can taste traditional Jewish Bagel at many Bagel stores. Among them, Russ&Daughters, Ess-a-Bagel, H&H Bagels, and Kossar's Bagels&Bialys are among the most popular Bagel stores. These stores provide Bagel with a variety of flavors and ingredients to meet various tastes and preferences.


Bagel is one of the most representative cuisines in New York, attracting countless tourists with its unique taste and rich historical and cultural background. Whether you are traveling or living in New York, tasting an authentic Bagel is definitely an unforgettable culinary experience.

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