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Top 5 Korean must eat food: fried chicken, roast meat, pickled Fried Rice, stone pot mixed rice, sea

Korean food, fried chicken, barbecue, pickled Fried Rice, stone pot mixed rice,2023-03-19Aix XinLe

Korean cuisine enjoys a high reputation in the world, among which fried chicken, roast meat, pickled Fried Rice, stone pot mixed rice and seafood pancakes have become the representatives of must eat. Below, we will introduce the characteristics and taste of these five delicacies one by one.

1. Fried chicken

Korean fried chicken is crispy outside and tender inside, with a full taste, and is one of the representatives of Korean cuisine. Unlike fried chicken from other countries, Korean fried chicken not only has the traditional original flavor, but also varies in various flavors, such as honey sauce, spicy, and so on. In addition, the combination of fried chicken and beer has also become a Korean night culture.

2. Barbecue

Korean barbecue is another representative of Korean cuisine. The ingredients for barbecue include pork, beef, lamb, etc., with a unique taste and are deeply loved by diners. When eating barbecue, you can also add various vegetables and seasonings, making the taste more rich and diverse.

3. Fried Rice with Pickled Vegetable

Korean kimchi Fried Rice is a traditional and modern food. Stir fry pickles and rice, then add various ingredients, such as beef, eggs, vegetables, etc. This delicious food has a unique taste and overflowing aroma, making it a classic piece of Korean cuisine.

4. Mixed Rice in Stone Pot

Korean stone pot risotto is a very distinctive cuisine, which is made by cooking rice, various vegetables, meat, and other ingredients in a stone pot. The high temperature of the stone pot can scorch the rice, and the juice of the ingredients can also seep into the rice, making it taste more delicious. The ingredients for Shiguo rice mix are various, including beef, pork, chicken, seafood, and other options. Each bite is filled with a strong Korean flavor.

5. Seafood Pancake

Korean Seafood Pancake is a very popular delicacy. It is made from traditional Korean ingredients such as flour, eggs, onions, and other ingredients. It is filled with various delicious seafood, such as shrimp, clams, octopus, and has a delicious taste, which is very popular among Korean people.

In a word, Korean cuisine is rich and colorful, and fried chicken, roast meat, pickled Fried Rice, stone pot mixed rice, and seafood pancakes are the five must eat foods representing Korean cuisine. While tasting these delicious foods, you can also better understand Korean culture.

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