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Guilin cuisine Quanzhou Braised rice fish

2023-01-29Aix XinLe

Guilin cuisine Quanzhou Braised rice fish is quite well known traditional dishes. According to legend, Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty, Emperor Qianlong took a group of civil and military parade 1 south, to the Guilin government. Emperor Qianlong House station knows a good play, love to eat and drink, they match up. Send purchase everywhere delicacies, invited well-known chef, big feast, for the Qianlong emperor Jie Feng normally eat mostly in the capital of the North taste. This time to the south, the United States think of wine alcohol vegetables, fresh anomalies.

Guilin cuisine Quanzhou Braised rice fish

During the evening, he was in the dish He took particular interest in fish, happy to ask around: "What is this fish so juicy and delicious, no no fishy tired?." Taiwan government replied: "This is a statewide He spent fish." "What He spent fish?" The emperor asked. "I spent fish is carp field, people in the rice fields to feed the carp, when the rice heading and flowering, especially love to eat the fish after the water falling on Wo flowers, food and grow fat, tender, so there is no smell." Taiwan government respectfully replied. After Long Yan Yue Qian Xin, she said: "He took the fish tender and delicious, and also failed to Wuchang fish." Since then, the statewide He spent fish is listed as soil tribute, worth double.

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