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Changsha features snack cream rice cake

2023-01-29Aix XinLe

1910 (Xuantong two years), founder of Jiangyong Shou Tong Jiang Hengshou high quality rice flour, white sugar and malnutrition sugar into fat children with cake, sweet and fragrant, easy to digest, both fat children deworming effect as dairy deep popular. Changsha major food workshops competing generic production, becoming a major food pastry industry.

Changsha features snack cream rice cake

Naigao square, white color, fine texture, contains soy, milk, rice flour. Fragrance, nutrient-rich, easy to carry, transport, storage, food when reconstituted with boiling water, easy digestion and absorption.

Practice: 1, add two spoonfuls of cold milk and rice flour into the pot; 2, low heat, stirring while heating.

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