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Hong Kong features snack: doll face

2023-01-27Aix XinLe

Doll face is famous instant noodles instant noodles brand, in the late 1960s when all things doll City to three minutes can be cooked as a gimmick, the rapid acceptance of people of Hong Kong, Hong Kong people call instant noodles also became synonymous with instant noodles.

Hong Kong features snack: doll face

Hong Kong instant noodles is famous industrialist Zhou Wenxuan found that after the introduction of Hong Kong instant noodles, but had no plans to sell out, just sold to cooperatives Winsor Industrial Building in Japan. Reason Hong Kong Yong Nan food company, products to a "doll" as an attraction, hence the "instant noodles" name. After the launch of the product received by the market, then although more instant noodles brand launched, but Hong Kong people are still accustomed to instant noodles all collectively referred to as "doll face."

Among the many brands of instant noodles, instant noodles positioned as a high-end line, its main competitor is Japan's Nissin Foods introduced the previous Ding; 1989 Japan Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd. acquired Yong Nan food, Yongnan become Nissin Food subsidiary, "doll" brand still continue to be used, and introduction of products such as the development of China doll Dim Sum market. And the different butoxy before a package is that there sauce.

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