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2023-02-24Aix XinLe

Jinan, capital of shandong province, it is because of domestic political, culture and education center in shandong jinan springs many known as "water city" known as the "lotus flowers all around mountains on three sides…

Jinan City, another name Quancheng, Shandong Province jurisdiction prefecture-level city, provincial capital, deputy provincial city, megacity, core city of Jinan metropolitan circle, The State Council approved to determine the central city in the Bohai Sea area south wing.

Jinan is known as the "best spring in the world" and the reputation of "lotus flowers on all sides and willows on all sides, a city with mountains and half a city with lakes". Jinan is a world-famous tourist city with eight scenic spots, a national historical and cultural city and one of the first batch of outstanding tourist cities in China. Prehistoric culture -- one of the birthplace of Longshan Culture. Jinan has successfully held many international and national grand events, such as the Asia Cup, the National Games, the China International Garden and Flower Expo, and the China Art Festival.

Jinan has a long history and is the birthplace of the prehistoric culture "Longshan Culture". The Neolithic sites in the region include Chengzi Cliff, the Great Wall of Qi, which precedes the Great Wall of Qin, Lingyan Temple, which is praised as "the first sculpture in the sea", and the Giant Buddha of the Song Dynasty (located in Dafa Village, Licheng District, carved out of the mountain, and built in the Sui Dynasty, which is the largest Buddha in Shandong). The Book of Songs, China's first collection of poems, includes Tan Ren's satirical poem Dadong, which is the earliest existing document on Jinan. In December 1986, it was announced by The State Council as a national historical and cultural city.

Jinan is a national historical and cultural city, China's outstanding tourism city, and an important part of Shandong tourism "One mountain, one river and one saint", attracting a large number of domestic and foreign tourists every year. Jinan's tourism culture highlights the characteristics of "spring city", there are four spring groups: Baotu Spring, Black Tiger Spring, Pearl Spring, Wulongtan. Jinan City through the "spring preservation" plan, has made the major spring group year-round gushing become a reality. In August 2013, Jinan "The First Spring Scenic Spot under Heaven" was accepted by the National AAAAA tourist Attraction and officially listed by the National Tourism Administration.

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