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  • Roaming the world's largest imperial palace - the Palace

    Roaming the world's largest imperial palace - the Palace

  • Beijing souvenirs: silk handicrafts

    Beijing souvenirs: silk handicrafts

  • Beijing Summer Palace Scenic Area

    Beijing Summer Palace Scenic Area

  • Beijing Palace Museum (Forbidden City)

    Beijing Palace Museum (Forbidden City)




Scenic spotChina Science and Technology Museum

2017-10-19Wes lee16

China Science and Technology MuseumChina Science and Technology Museum is directly under the China Association for Science and institutions, is the only country of comprehensive science and technology museum. Implementing the Strategy is to improve the whole nation and the basis of science…

Scenic spotZhoukoudian Peking Man Site Museum

2017-10-20Wes lee35

Zhoukoudian Peking Man Site MuseumWorld Heritage, the national 4A level scenic spots, national cultural heritage, national patriotism education bases. It is located in the town of Fangshan District of Beijing Zhoukoudian, about 48 kilometers away from Beijing. It is a world famous ancient…

CultureThose years old Beijing Shichahai periphery alley past

2017-10-14Aix XinLe31

Those years old Beijing Shichahai periphery alley pastShichahai, the old Beijing customs concentrated, the flowers and grass, brick by brick, or a cat a dog, are filling Beijing style. Shichahai often walk in and see those foreign friends blonde, have lamented, Shichahai is not only a destination people will…

CateBeijing features snack Vegetable oil tea

2017-10-13Wes lee86

Beijing features snack Vegetable oil teaCamellia also tonic Beijing snack, which is placed in the pot Scoop flour color yellow, brown fry also Maren, osmanthus plus oil and cattle bone, rubbing evenly mixed, homogenous and then rub on seasoned millet mush bowl, with sugar, with water into a pas…

Scenic spotBeijing Grand View Garden

2017-10-18Wes lee34

Beijing Grand View GardenLocated in Xicheng District South Second Ring Road, 5 km from Tiananmen Square. The site of the royal garden Ming and Qing Dynasties, the Ming Dynasty was in this setting, "Jia Shu Department." 1983 filming the TV series "Dream of Red Mansions", built…

SouvenirsBeijing souvenirs: silk handicrafts

2017-09-29Wes lee103

Beijing souvenirs: silk handicraftsSilk Man is a human form of art. Folk cloth toys, "pins and needles", "" color bar "and other handicrafts, and are closely related to it. It is based on the ancient Chinese folk tale of young men and women, and ethnic dance drama character modeling,…

Scenic spotBeijing Fragrant Hills Park

2017-10-19Wes lee49

Beijing Fragrant Hills ParkFragrant Hills Park is located in northwest Beijing Xishan small mountain Dong Lu, 20 km from the city, covers an area of ​​160 hectares, is a well-known large-scale forest park has a royal garden characteristics.…

Scenic spotBeijing Ditan Park

2017-10-17Wes lee31

Beijing Ditan ParkNational key cultural relics protection units, located in Dongcheng District Andingmen Street, Ming, Qing emperor to emperor worship only place, is China's largest and only surviving altar of emperors Jide. A total of 14 emperors of Ming and Qing dynasti…

Scenic spotBeijing Badachu Park

2017-10-20Wes lee19

Beijing Badachu ParkBadachu Park, located in the western suburbs of Beijing Xishan Scenic Area in the south. Now there are eight parks in the temple (Linh Quang, Changan Temple, Sanshan Nunnery, Great Mercy Temple, Longquan Temple, Temple incense industry, Sarah Cave, card f…

FolkOld Beijing folk industry

2017-10-14Wes lee56

The ancient city of Beijing's business and industry, the service sector has its unique culture, especially folk industry more of its potential cultural connotations. From its mode of operation, business ethics, professionalism, and architectural pattern…

Scenic spotShichahai Scenic Area History and Culture

2017-10-17Wes lee26

Shichahai Scenic Area History and CultureHistorical and cultural tourism scenic spot in Beijing, protection of historical and cultural district, Beijing. Located downtown - West District. Nearby Beijing axis. Water area of ​​336,000 square meters, connected to a pulse waters Zhongnanhai, Beijing…

CultureBeijing Tongzhou Canal boatmen chant

2017-10-14Wes lee96

Beijing Tongzhou Canal boatmen chantTongzhou Canal boatmen boatmen which refers to sub Tongzhou Canal in Tianjin (i.e. the North Canal) is. It is a unified labor canal boatmen pace, increasing labor interests, improve labor efficiency and the creation of folk varieties. Origin canal boatman…

Travel routesBeijing Summer Palace game routes

2017-10-16Wes lee95

Beijing Summer Palace game routesSummer Palace is located in the northwest suburb of Haidian District, Beijing, 15 kilometers from the Beijing urban area. Is the use of Kunming Lake, Longevity Hill, West Lake in Hangzhou modeled, learn some design techniques and mood Southern Gardens and…

CultureThe origin of Beijing jade rabbit(Tuyeer)

2017-09-26Wes lee69

The origin of Beijing jade rabbit(Tuyeer)Tuyeer is a household name in Beijing, and so has been deriving many of the sayings and phrases associated with Tuyeer, such as "Tuyeer's flag, one-on-one hit," because Tuyeer's flag is only one side;There is also the "Tuyeer of the other year"…

Scenic spotBeijing Palace Museum (Forbidden City)

2017-10-17Wes lee87

Beijing Palace Museum (Forbidden City)Beijing Palace Museum, also known as the Forbidden City in central Beijing, the Forbidden City today, people call it, meaning past the Royal Palace. Incomparable masterpiece of ancient architecture, the world's largest existing, most complete ancient bui…