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  • Guangzhou Metro Raiders tourist route: Pearl River New City subway station what fun?

    Guangzhou Metro Raiders tourist route: Pearl River New City subway station what fun?

  • Guangzhou Tower

    Guangzhou Tower

  • Guangzhou Opera House

    Guangzhou Opera House

  • Changsha features snack spring rolls

    Changsha features snack spring rolls

Changsha tea culture

2017-11-29Aix XinLe51

Changsha tea cultureChangsha most fertile soil hilly area, suitable for tea cultivation. There are certain advantages in terms of regional development of tea industry position, human resources and natural conditions. Changsha culture in the rich natural resources of a unique…

Changsha New Year customs

2017-11-29Aix XinLe19

Changsha New Year customsChangsha New Year customs are very different, there are said to be the old New Year to take a bath to hide debt anecdotes. Fast work together to understand the Chinese New Year customs at the Changsha with small series…

Changsha Custom of the Dragon Boat Festival

2017-11-29Aix XinLe18

Changsha Custom of the Dragon Boat FestivalDragon Boat Festival is a traditional festival, will put a small holiday for three days, so that we a reunion. But around a lot of friends will plan to go out and play, relax. If you have time, it is better to go home with the family over a Dragon Boat Fe…

Changsha marriage customs

2017-11-29Aix XinLe19

Changsha marriage customsEthnic minorities, young men and women mate, engagement and wedding to colorful than Han Chinese, many of them also maintain the original ancient features. Minority youth to get to know each other, to identify the object often in festivals or go to the ma…

Changsha folk opera culture Hunan opera

2017-11-28Aix XinLe57

Changsha folk opera culture Hunan operaHunan, because it is located in Hunan referred to as named Hunan, is the representative of Hunan operas, mainly popular in Xiangtan and Changsha. Because Changsha and Xiangtan is Hunan's political, economic and cultural center, broad vision, Hunan opera…

Chinese fireworks culture history

2017-11-28Aix XinLe17

Chinese fireworks culture historyGunpowder, also known as the black powder. Is one of the four great inventions of Chinese. An outstanding achievement in the history of human civilization. Powder in the external energy properly, can quickly and regular combustion, and generating large am…

Guilin Yangshuo West Street legend story

2017-11-05Aix XinLe18

Guilin Yangshuo West Street legend storyYangshuo county tourism in China, there is a world-famous West Street.West Street is a side street, is one of the oldest streets in the county. A blue stone path, two rows of low brick wood houses, small tiles, white walls, sloping roof, houses on stilts…

Guilin Yangshuo charming cultural phenomenon

2017-11-05Aix XinLe21

Guilin Yangshuo charming cultural phenomenonYangshuo County, Guangxi has built history in 1410, where less affected by war damage, it has preserved many minority rich culture and foreign immigrants, the formation of various home staging folk culture. Now the development of local tourism, this cultu…

Guilin rice noodles retrospective history and culture

2017-11-05Aix XinLe18

Guilin rice noodles retrospective history and cultureQin Shi Huang after, and then launched a unified South China (Baiyue) war. In the mountainous south, and transportation difficulties, the rear of the forage, not the normal supply to the front, Qin Jun had to place requisitions. But Qin Jun mostly norther…

Guilin Food Culture History

2017-11-04Aix XinLe20

Guilin Food Culture HistorySince ancient times, diet in people's minds occupied a very important position, "Mencius" goes: "food color, sex also." "Book of Rites," said:. "Eat Drink Man Woman, who wishes greatly." "Book Hongfan "lists eight areas of the ancient national…

Guilin cultural and historical heritage

2017-11-04Aix XinLe23

Guilin cultural and historical heritageGuangxi culture is lagging behind, which is determined by the Guangxi remote locations. However, the industrial age into the culture, Guangxi has been the rise of the trend, because Guangxi has rich and diverse cultural resources…

Legend of Guilin Elephant Trunk Hill

2017-11-04Aix XinLe16

Legend of Guilin Elephant Trunk HillLijiang River and the confluence of Yangjiang where there is a mountain, like an elephant standing on the water's edge, stretched absorbent nose in the river. Nasal volume elephant feet high in the mountains is a cave connected to the water hole, like a…

Guilin entertainment culture

2017-11-04Aix XinLe15

Guilin entertainment cultureMany tourists come to Guilin, but hurry attractions, there will always marvel at the laid-back life of locals in Guilin, Guilin, even walking pace will slow up, and thus, would also like to personally experience what the locals life, that Guilin public re…

Guilin folk art culture

2017-11-04Aix XinLe16

Representatives of local operas in Guangxi - Guangxi drama, a lot of people are aware of. Its long history, wide spread area, with the majority of theater-goers. However, in addition to Guilin Gui opera, there are many types of popular folk opera, it is p…

Quest Guilin Lingchuan dog meat culture

2017-11-03Aix XinLe19

Quest Guilin Lingchuan dog meat cultureMany minority of dog food in the food culture has a long history, its cooking dog, stunt dog food are unique, fame. Such as Korean, Buyi, Jino, Zhuang, Miao, Dai, and so on. This article explores the Zhuang people eat dog meat historical origins and devel…