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Xian Huxian county farmer painting

2023-01-30Aix XinLe

Hu County is one of the earliest painting of the birthplace of Chinese farmers, is an outstanding representative of Chinese peasant paintings, but also a bright folk art garden of our pearl. In 1988, Hu County was the first batch of the Ministry of Culture named "modern Chinese folk painting the town" title. Huxian County since its inception in 1958, to promote our history and culture, folk customs show the geographical spread of socialist spiritual civilization three and promote the sound development of local economic, social and cultural undertakings have made outstanding contributions. Because Hu County peasant paintings to the world, because the world know Huxian peasant paintings, approached Hu County.

Xi'an Huxian County

Huxian County (Source network)

Huxian folk paintings from the private sector, with a wealth of local folk culture forms of theater, dance, fire, civil society, Chikuma, land boat, dragon and so strong roots, full of obvious regional characteristics, Qiang Lie folk customs, local flavor.

Xi'an Huxian County

Huxian County (Source network)

  Painted more content based on the figures, animals, birds and flowers and other subjects, lays out Huxian beautiful natural rural scenery; the use of line drawing form, the composition Jian Jie and full, bold and rich imagination; pay attention to color contrast to the ubiquitous colors, exaggeration description, the pursuit of a strong visual effect, pay attention to decorative; along with the unique style romantic, bizarre abstract, let the pristine, Qiyun vivid. Rough lies a delicate, rich and gaudy yet elegant, antique outpouring Heavenly. With paper cutting, painting, embroidery, knitting and other traditional arts and crafts techniques handed down, has a long history.

Huxian County of origin

Origin farmer paintings in two different ways. Speaking from Hebei and Jiangsu Pi Xian Shulu. In 1956, Jiangsu Pi Xian Chen Lou Xinsheng Zhang Kaixiang a community of farmers organized a team of six art, "thought the situation for the members to praise by advanced form of painting, criticism backward, play an active role in agricultural production." (From "Chinese peasant paintings Events") 1957 summer peixian Zhang Yourong Chen Lou farmers as keepers deductions regarding food beverages, dipped in the breeding room gable gray water pot painted a breeder with comments on the content of the mural. Later, the county believes this is something new education and ideological work in rural areas to promote socialism, thus forming a "colorful urban and rural households, villages full wall mural, a street two lines became a natural gallery, bustling masses" (Abstract text above) situation. In 1958, Hebei shulu indicator development, leading farmers to engage in creative movement approach, put forward the slogan "every household painted poetry, everyone is an artist" is. Both are with the county in 1958 "Great Leap Forward" creation reached its climax, after all were into the Beijing exhibition, a book, a movie, a great impact. And later with the "Great Leap Forward" cool and disappeared. Another way of saying that originated in the 1958 "mural" of Jiangsu Pi Xian, Hebei beam deer, Qingyang, Gansu, Shaanxi Hu County, Fuyang, Anhui, Sichuan Mianyang, Liuyang, Hunan and other places, "Poetry Wall" and with "great leap forward "campaign. They also doubt and the "Great Leap Forward" movement is always relative.

  Of course, this "right to disclosure" belongs to whom, not to look at today is not important, it is important during this period formed the "first mode" is called farmer painting. Famous art theorist said Mr. Cheng Zheng elaborate artistic features of this model in its "birth of each of the two modes," a text: "Farmers in that particular historical atmosphere, the physical and psychological refuge in utopian ideal, and polymerization ideal picture of modern fabulous. romantic rough primitive art, folk art of simple, innocent and free, comic exaggeration, posters frank, often mixed with slogans poetry. crane hoisted large corn on the cob or paddled pods crossing the tip of fiction picture, it was often considered to be 'kilograms per mu' portrayal of flamboyant style, but art as a form of emotional, it expresses feelings and aspirations rather than reality, of course, false absurd reality, feelings and aspirations but devout warm. Therefore, when the negative history of the 'Great Leap Forward', art history did not categorically discard the 'Great Leap Forward' art of the times. "

  Own Rules fruit farmer painting, as Mr. Zheng Cheng said that follow Shulu peixian mode, mode Huxian, Jinshan track patterns of evolution, then Huxian County is the nationwide number of farmers involved in the painting for fear of a three farmers mode the whole process of painting.

  Hu County Museum Curator Xie Zhian (from 1951 - until retirement always curator) According to Mr. "Huxian County of formation and development," a text provided, Hu County as early as the end of 1951 on the establishment of the "Hu County Chengguan area art group" ; 1956 club rural county subregional organizations, they offer fine arts grade; 1958 county general implementation of the "mural" of; the end of 1958, Xi'an Hu county under the auspices of the United States dedicated teachers Chen Shiheng has organized a peaceful and steelmaking site Gan valley reservoir site two art courses, training of farmers to participate by nearly a hundred. 1959 approved by the relevant professional departments of the province, Huxian county decided to set up a "sick Huxian work has only association" should be a continuation of Hu County masses art activities since 1956, and laid the foundation for the later organization of peasant painting activities. Accordingly, Huxian County is undoubtedly the "first mode" creator.

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