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The arcade culture of guangzhou

2023-01-30Aix XinLe

Guangzhou arcade that time, just as at that time or striped dress shirt fashionable dajin, along the winding main street of the city. Its beautiful melody, as graceful curve along the piping dress, graceful extend in premises spread out in urban areas, outlining the frame into a rhyme Guangzhou style. Guangzhou jointly put into a piece of side streets, surrounded by the spacious's clothes, from the arcade into the alleyways, you enter the elegant and dignified appearance from the inside to the trivial lively, authentic rich marketplace to make a living, so that some life the attitudes of some of the days in which the taste.

The arcade culture of guangzhou

Arcade style not only the achievements of Guangzhou, Guangzhou also perfected the style pattern: only learned but comfortable ingenuity, sun and rain still leisurely stroll, quiet relaxation but concealed magical, you come to me do not touch not lag , can be close to release of happy. Livable arcade, on the second floor with street interlinked, connected with the shop beings, expression and function are smart and diverse, there is a Live Flesh face.

Previously the old town center of the territory, counted from the southwest, off the West because of the old city is the core of many years of practice into a kind of phase characteristics are clearly abnormal, is ebullient elated behavior among its eclectic as the temptation generally strong. And to the east of the arcade, it is a leisurely beauty pies. But the former is the most typical local shopping, and has been extended before and after ten shop Luen Ning Road, Tai Wah Road De Luxi street, which is the most representative of the number of Tung will have been connected to the former South Gate south of Beijing Heritage Administration .

Local shopping arcade runs through the entire road, tune into the stretch, stretching several years, all of a sudden the Guangzhou city style locked there, it becomes dense gorgeous melody. A wide variety of business, have colorful furnishings, fully deserve the Happy shopping exhortations, even if nothing is enough to pass the time. Luen Ning Road until you come to ten shop, shop and home mixed, are constantly on the live glimpse of the world around. These even as a non-toxic no wind, no rain sun arcade, adjacent to the home, and the streets close to, and control them became public space, a variety of pies can be played in arcade in full. Wait, unless gossip in front of the store, summer cool dry winter, the house at the turn of shops close by, turn around maneuvers space is so convenient, to say nothing of what has been freely comfortable, even become Guangzhou photo photo living philosophy.

City arcade side by side into the film, when the pride of the people in the mountain road and a number of cross-pricked, a truck through, Guangzhou arcade meandering stretches of momentum and gas fields are linked together - this of course is twenty or thirty years ago circumstances. Guangzhou characteristic charm of this leak, as Xie Jin dress that grand smooth and a little clear of the use of piping. Designer large graceful, graceful at the heart and soul, Guangzhou Urban Construction charm and scenery of this southern city of Hydra also charm the show exhaustive.

The arcade culture of guangzhou

People say even earlier by road or bridge north of the Pacific, it is the provincial capital of Guangzhou as a hotbed where four townships. Heroic momentum from the Pearl River eastward advance in depth, shadow and bright signs arcade function, this has become a constantly evolving city. Remember when the commercial center of Guangzhou begun to take shape, from the old city to the new town that time fashion gorgeous turn stamp, rubbing all the people in the south area. Arcade not only brought together many other towns entered the hotel restaurant, shop around more fashion color rendering from bringing compared with Shangxiajiu more copies bizarre. The times before and after the Cultural Revolution clear oligonucleotide hardly cover his unconventional, bustling, there has been was the most popular place in town, the most worried about shopping paradise. The pulp Lan Road Heping Road and other branches, it is the whim of the arcade dance finish, make the characteristics of the old town is more abundant and lush.

Turning the city, along the road into a piece Zhongshan three four five six arcade has to go from east to west is not Xieqi and naturally will be able to appreciate the architectural style of this powerful aura. Along the way people shop mixed street, it is simply a venue for King kaleidoscope, over a road is a different picture, with style all the way to see the world is not enough, a lot of people very familiar with the old masters dotted with boutiques, against the background of a slip of the shops have a heritage reputation. For example, small horse into the station, Zhongshan Rd, opposite the Xinhua Yan-fang cinema studio as well as in North dumpling shop, parents can also take pictures with children in this area and eat and see, is the result of "love flood" represents the best .

East arcade is otherwise a purge of momentum, old and new smells. Old South Gate Beijing Road Wan Road, the shop too few, have become more at home, pause only break when lively, cool and bright street there is not the same taste. So dang out a gap in the arcade, or the Christian church, or what unit dormitory or hospital, west of the city with lively darting style naturally different, more suitable for daylight where rain outdated and not be slow to go, to go to work go home from work pace than elsewhere seems to slow down.

Arcade willowy to the river, and pulls out a novelty. Riverside standing more than a dozen buildings, those arcade style fusion of Chinese and Western, innovation today is still impassable classic. We are longing for a child to Tiger Balm cloisters, to Aiqun skirt style arcade, facing the river and ran wind carried away Douzhuan breathing, then I do not know where to Paris, Italy, and this is extraordinary resort, is mark the event in Guangzhou. There are old-fashioned arcade old enthusiasm, and equally congenial new arcade fun and Guangzhou.

Under all the way across, one China, one Western multinational banks Sai shore standing shoulder to shoulder, restaurants and boutiques Sai main road, Sincere Company Guangzhou Haizhu Grand Theater Restaurant Big Three cinemas and the like, are surrounded in the arcade, mutual appreciation against the background. Again, this is also only the Pearl River, is the swaying style of thousands, if not rolling landscape Qimai Sai north shore, which is called the mother river of the Pearl River also elusive affectionate Miao Miao Zhong Chang on both sides of the common people.

This layout is like the arcade as pro football piping throughout the city, so the old Guangzhou appearance deportment thousands, looks dominate. The city is not old, but most good hybrid blend, the old feelings came into fashion in the concept. Electro-optical flint to make a living under the arcade, arcade style pattern does not change, nostalgic, but also people obsessed. As the city's heart and mind, into the arrogant degree, Zhang Yang and restrained smells, but feelings remain calm detachment.

However, we are faced with these retention in the brain of a living fossil, while it in the middle of similar but more and more barriers in the street, anywhere to resurrection rubbing in the memory of the mother of Guangzhou City face? Could not understand where the only genuine feelings against interest changes, anger and do nothing? That the passing time unquenchable touch, anxious to pull the kind of lung impression bookmark collections at the same time in the long. When turned out, still mark an irreplaceable Guangzhou.

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