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Changsha folk opera culture Hunan opera

2023-01-30Aix XinLe

Hunan, because it is located in Hunan referred to as named Hunan, is the representative of Hunan operas, mainly popular in Xiangtan and Changsha. Because Changsha and Xiangtan is Hunan's political, economic and cultural center, broad vision, Hunan opera and the major drama exchanges frequently, it can get the atmosphere light, rich in the country has a great impact.

Changsha folk opera culture Hunan opera

Changsha Hunan Opera repertoire in the Qing Dynasty, the Xianfeng Period up to 1000, after more than 100 years of performance practice, the continuous change of growth and decline. After the new Chinese established, old artist can play the repertoire or predecessors played, surviving the script plays a total of 682, of which there are more than 500 tanqiang Opera repertoire, has about 100. The preservation of the Dipaizi repertoire, even in the big show there are more than 200 fold. In 1952 the first session of the Central Opera show and watch the first to observe the performance of the first session of the national opera, by Xu Shaoqing, Peng Linong, Chen Jianxia and other actors training on the road "," hunting "Pipa", "Five Taiwan will return brother" award and the actor performances are respectively one or two prize.

Five, 60s, Changsha staged a repertoire of nearly more than 400, "write down" into the first worship of Hunan opera stage art film, "Death card" was filmed for the movie. In the historical drama and modern drama adapted and staged in Hunan, also the emergence of a number of new repertoire, such as "Shan changes", "Wen Tianxiang", "mountain song" etc.. During the cultural revolution, Hunan by catastrophe, who shot the modern drama "the song", after suffering, extensive influence in the country.

After the cultural revolution, Changsha Hunan reborn, the creation of a large number of staged in the national award of outstanding plays, such as "Tao", "Taibai Maling play" and powerful "goddess", "Mao Runzhi", "human commoner friend", "Zhi", "sword Marina world", by Dong Wu Yan, Liu Chunquan Ceng Jingui, as the representative of the old artists active in the training stage, loved by the masses; young artists Wang Yongguang, Zuo Dabin, Cao Rulong, Wang Yangjuan and He Xiaohan won the national "plum blossom Award", "Wenhua Award", highly praised by experts and the audience.

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