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    Guilin Yao Mountain

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Guilin Ling Qu Canal

2017-11-01Aix XinLe36

Guilin Ling Qu CanalGuilin Ling Qu Canal, also known as Mio drainage, drainage zero, Qin chisel canal, said Dou Ming and Qing Dynasties. Republic of China, also known as Hunan, Guangxi canal. It is located in Xing'an County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Because it comm…

Guilin Lingqu Water Street Scenic Area

2017-11-01Aix XinLe25

Guilin Lingqu Water Street Scenic AreaGuilin Lingqu Water Street Scenic Area is located 57 km north of Guilin, "China's top ten town charm" - the territory of Xing'an County, a total length of 37.4 km, was built in 33 years of Qin Shi Huang (214 BC), is the world's most complete extant a…

Guilin Elephant Trunk Hill Scenic Area

2017-11-01Aix XinLe24

Guilin Elephant Trunk Hill Scenic AreaFounded in 1986, the Elephant Trunk Hill Scenic Area is an international quality tourism attraction that boasts green mountains, clear water, fantastic caves and beautiful rocks, showing the landscape of Guilin. It is also the axis of Guilin travelling ro…

Guilin Yangshuo Shangrila

2017-10-31Aix XinLe30

Guilin Yangshuo ShangrilaIn Guilin kingdom, the closest town to the city, there is a "paradise." Guiyang along the road north from Yangshuo only 10 minutes by car, went to "paradise." She is like a simple country girl standing quietly at the edge of the city, not Zhang Yang n…

Guilin Yuzi paradise

2017-10-31Aix XinLe27

Guilin Yuzi paradiseYuzi Paradise is located in the picturesque southern China Guilin Yan Bu Xiang big mountain, founded by Taiwanese entrepreneur Mr. Cao Zhang day in 1998, sitting on 8,000 acres of landscape wonders, art collection, exhibitions, exchanges, conferences, tra…

Guilin Lipu Silver Cave scenic spot

2017-10-31Aix XinLe38

Guilin Lipu Silver Cave scenic spotLipu Silver Cave scenic spot is located in Guilin Lipu County, Ma Zhen Li Gui highway east, 85 kilometers away from the World Tourism Pearl Guilin center, 3 km from the China Tourism county Yangshuo County community, is emerging great Guilin tourism circl…

Guilin Yao Mountain

2017-10-31Aix XinLe55

Guilin Yao MountainGuilin Yao Mountain located in the northeast of Guilin. Yaoshan scenic peak elevation of 909.3 meters, the relative height of 760 meters, the highest mountain in Guilin Yaoshan. Yao west slope at an altitude of 450 meters, was built Qin Yao Temple, Yaosha…

Guilin Yulong River rafting

2017-10-31Aix XinLe33

Guilin Yulong River raftingLijiang Yulong River, a tributary of the longest in the territory of Yangshuo, a total length of 43.5 kilometers, the basin area of ​​158.47 square kilometers, flows through Yangshuo County, Campbell, grapes, white sand, Yangshuo, Takada and other five to…

Guilin Merryland resort

2017-10-31Aix XinLe434

Guilin Merryland resortMerryland Theme Park covers an area of ​​90 hectares, it is Merryland Resort World's largest investment project of the first phase of the project, and in 2002 passed the ISO9001 quality certification and ISO14001 environmental certification, and was name…

Guilin Sevenstar scenic area

2017-10-31Aix XinLe46

Guilin Sevenstar scenic areaGuilin Sevenstar scenic area is located in the east bank of the Li River, 1.5 km from the city center, an area of ​​134.7 hectares, due to Qixingshan, named after the Seven Star Crags, Guilin is the largest, oldest and most comprehensive park attractions…

Guilin Reed Flute Cave

2017-10-31Aix XinLe25

Guilin Reed Flute CaveReed Flute Peach Blossom River scenic area is located in the northwest of Guilin, five kilometers from the city center, 240 m deep hole, nearly 500 meters run, is an important part of the whole Lijiang River scenic area, and in November 1982 became the fi…

Guilin Two Rivers Four Lakes

2017-10-30Aix XinLe48

Guilin Two Rivers Four Lakes"Two Rivers Four Lakes", referring to the Lijiang River, Peach Blossom River, Wood Lake (iron Buddha pond), Guihu, Ronghu, Cedar Lake, its water around the city a total length of 7.33 km, the surface area of ​​385,900 square meters. The project was firs…

Guilin lijiang Dreamland perform

2017-10-30Aix XinLe29

Guilin lijiang Dreamland performGuilin lijiang Dreamland perform is Asia's first fantasy landscape scene of performances by world renowned art scene Chinese-day Creation International Performing Arts Company and the Hong Kong exchange Acer Asia Group "denounced fifty million heavily c…

Guilin Fubo mountain

2017-10-30Aix XinLe33

Guilin Fubo mountainGuilin Fubo mountain located in Li River, Koho Xiongzhi, half pillow land, half inserted in the river and deter whirl Lan, so that name. Because Han Fubo General Ma Yuannan Zheng after this, there are far beads Fubo hearsay name. Tang hill was built Fubo…

Guilin Diecai mountain Park

2017-10-30Aix XinLe31

Guilin Diecai mountain ParkDiecai Shan mountains located in the northeast of Guilin, Lijiang River bordering. Folded Brocade Hill and the city of Solitary Beauty Peak, Fubo separate categories of the Lijiang River, the same as the city's tourist attractions. Folded Brocade Hill co…