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Guangzhou Longtan Village

2017-10-14Aix XinLe24

Guangzhou Longtan VillageLongtan Village, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, the new cellar in the town, is an ancient Lingnan Water Village has a long history and rich culture, but also has a mysterious village of legends and rich products. This village is the legendary home of th…

Hong Kong Lan Guifang

2017-10-14Aix XinLe23

Hong Kong Lan GuifangLan Guifang is located in Hong Kong's Central district a L-shaped uphill trails, also referred to as high-end consumer area the size of a gathering consisting of bars and restaurants, popular white-collar workers, expatriates and tourists, Hong Kong's t…

Hong Kong Pat Sin Leng Country Park

2017-10-14Aix XinLe51

Hong Kong Pat Sin Leng Country ParkPat Sin Leng Country Park (delineated on April 7, 1978) is one of Hong Kong's country parks, located in the northeast New Territories, Hong Kong Pat Sin Leng, covering 3,125 hectares, adjacent to the nearby Plover Cove Country Park. Pat Sin Leng highest…

Hong Kong Plover Cove Country Park

2017-10-14Aix XinLe32

Hong Kong Plover Cove Country ParkPlover Cove Country Park is a country park in Hong Kong, an area of ​​630 hectares. Park officially demarcated on April 7, 1978, June 1, 1979 and expanded on this basis. The newly expanded park covers several major islands of the northeast New Territories…

Hong Kong Tung Ping Chau Marine Park

2017-10-14Aix XinLe26

Hong Kong Tung Ping Chau Marine ParkTung Ping Chau island itself is outside the scope of Plover Cove Country Park (expansion part) of. The purpose of the establishment of Tung Ping Chau Marine Park, mainly to protect the coral and seaweed its waters, fishing in order to avoid being destroye…

Hong Kong Man Mo Temple

2017-10-14Aix XinLe17

Hong Kong Man Mo TempleMan Mo Temple is located in Tai Po Fu Shin Street, Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong is a Chinese temple. Built in seventeen years Guangxu (1891), by the Tai Po villagers to finance the construction of about seven, seven at first about the town hall offi…

Hong Kong Tai Tam Country Park

2017-10-14Aix XinLe53

Hong Kong Tai Tam Country ParkTai Tam Country Park is located in the eastern part of Hong Kong Island; north of Jardine's Lookout, extended to post margin rolling hills south of the mountain area, bounded to Stanley Gap Road; west Wong Nai Chung Gap, east of Tai Tam Road. Park was es…

Hong Kong Waterfront Park Sai Wan Ho

2017-10-14Aix XinLe25

Hong Kong Waterfront Park Sai Wan HoSai Wan Ho, Hong Kong include West Road, east China Haiyan Street. The new reclaimed land north of Tai On Building, commonly known as Lei King Wan…

Hong Kong S.t James Church

2017-10-14Aix XinLe22

Hong Kong S.t James ChurchSt. James Church is a Hong Kong Catholic church, by the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong management. Located Goodwin Street, Yau Tong, Kowloon 8, established in October 13, 1952…

Hong Kong Kwun Tong Tin Hau Temple

2017-10-14Aix XinLe23

Hong Kong Kwun Tong Tin Hau TempleHong Kong Tin Hau Temple, located in Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Cha Kwo Ling, Hong Kong built entirely using a small number of temples granite, is responsible for the management by the Chinese Temples Committee…

Hong Kong Wong Tai Sin Temple

2017-10-14Aix XinLe38

Hong Kong Wong Tai Sin TempleHong Kong Wong Tai Sin Temple Wong Tai Sin Temple, formerly known as Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple, is one of the most prosperous temple incense. Temple was built in 1921, rich color design temples, magnificent architecture, features magnificent, full…

Hong Kong Po Lin Monastery

2017-10-14Aix XinLe29

Hong Kong Po Lin MonasteryPo Lin Monastery, a Buddhist temple is one of Hong Kong, Hong Kong is also a tourist attraction, located at Ngong Ping, Lantau Island, New Territories, ranging between Nei Lak Shan and Phoenix Mountain. Formerly known as the big temple Maopeng from Dayton…

Hong Kong Islands Long Island

2017-10-14Aix XinLe24

Hong Kong Islands Long IslandLong Island is an island in the name of Hong Kong's outlying islands belong among the 18 districts of Hong Kong on administration. Chau island shape due to the long and narrow, and large, middle and small, so called long Chau. Some people think it is lik…

Hong Kong Ocean Park

2017-10-13Aix XinLe36

Hong Kong Ocean ParkOcean Park Hong Kong enjoy the "world's most popular theme park", "Southeast Asia's largest scale recreational park," "the world's largest aquarium" (one) and many glory. Located south of Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong Ocean Park, rated as one of th…

Hong Kong Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter

2017-10-13Aix XinLe100

Hong Kong Aberdeen Typhoon ShelterAberdeen Typhoon Shelter is a fishing village, inside there are as many as thousands of fishing boats, name of the village are mostly "water people", they are mainly crane guy people. There are world-famous "Jumbo Kingdom" (name had Jumbo) within the…