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    Beijing Palace Museum (Forbidden City)

Beijing 798 Art District

2017-10-20Wes lee28

Beijing 798 Art DistrictLocal Beijing 798 Art Zone is located, is a former East German aid construction of the "Beijing North China wireless joint equipment factory", that is, 718 Joint Factory. 718 joint plant in 1952 began construction, civil construction began in 1954, star…

China Stamp Museum

2017-10-20Wes lee57

China Stamp MuseumChinese stamp museum is the collection and use of postal stamps heritage academic research and exchange of national professional museum, which shows the origin and development of Chinese postal stamps as well as a variety of Chinese and foreign audience…

Beijing Automobile Museum

2017-10-20Aix XinLe29

Beijing Automobile MuseumBeijing Huaxiang Automobile Museum is located in Fengtai District area, next to the Science and Technology Park. Initiated by the central government assigned by the Fengtai District of Beijing as a contractor, the City Commission Office approved the estab…

Ming Dynasty Ding Tomb

2017-10-20Wes lee43

Ming Dynasty Ding TombDayu Tomb is located in Shandong Lu, ranked No. 10 in the Ming Tombs, an area of ​​180,000 square meters, is the thirteenth Ming Emperor Zhu Yijun, Wanli reign, and Hau, Xiao Jing two queens buried in the mausoleum . Zhu Yijun reign of 48 years, is the lo…

Ming Dynasty Chang Tomb

2017-10-20Wes lee41

Ming Dynasty Chang TombMing Chang Ling is located at the foot of Shoushan days, east, west, north and surrounded by mountains, south of Longshan there, Hushan relative, such as the potential natural gateway. Changling Ming emperors mausoleum is the largest construction scale, t…

Fangshan shidu scenic area

2017-10-20Wes lee37

Fangshan shidu scenic areaShidu scenic area is located southwest of Beijing, more than 70 kilometers from the city, an area of ​​301 square kilometers, is the only karst peaks, peak cluster, valley topography featuring natural beauty in North China…

Beijing Hongluo temple

2017-10-20Wes lee48

Beijing Hongluo templeHongluosi Resort is located four kilometers north of Beijing Huairou County, south of Red Luoshan. Hongluosi was built in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, the expansion in the Tang Dynasty, formerly known as "Daming", facing south, hillside, layout, magnificent…

Zhoukoudian Peking Man Site Museum

2017-10-20Wes lee42

Zhoukoudian Peking Man Site MuseumWorld Heritage, the national 4A level scenic spots, national cultural heritage, national patriotism education bases. It is located in the town of Fangshan District of Beijing Zhoukoudian, about 48 kilometers away from Beijing. It is a world famous ancient…

China Printing Museum

2017-10-20Wes lee22

China Printing MuseumChina Printing Museum after four years of preparation, on June 1, 1996 completion. To meet the Seventh World Print Congress held in 2001 in Beijing, the library has been transformed, and invested 10 million yuan to build an underground exhibition hall…

Beijing Tanzhe temple

2017-10-20Wes lee50

Beijing Tanzhe templeTanzhesi, located in the southeastern part of Tanzhe foothills west Beijing's Mentougou District, 30 kilometers from the city center. Temple faces south, perched Po Everest, surrounded by nine tall peaks horseshoe-shaped retaining ring, like in under nin…

Beijing Jietai temple

2017-10-20Wes lee32

Beijing Jietai templeThe temple is located on Beijing's Mentougou District Ma On Shan, was founded in Tang Wude five years (AD 622), formerly known as "poly Hui Temple." Liao Dynasty monk Fa were built in this altar, Monk Quartet to many ordained, also known as the Temple…

Beijing Badachu Park

2017-10-20Wes lee29

Beijing Badachu ParkBadachu Park, located in the western suburbs of Beijing Xishan Scenic Area in the south. Now there are eight parks in the temple (Linh Quang, Changan Temple, Sanshan Nunnery, Great Mercy Temple, Longquan Temple, Temple incense industry, Sarah Cave, card f…

Beijing Marco Polo Bridge

2017-10-20Wes lee46

Beijing Marco Polo BridgeMarco Polo Bridge was built in twenty-nine years Dading (1189), Ming orthodox nine years (1444) rebuilt. Kangxi was destroyed by the flood, Kang Xi thirty-seven years (1698) reconstruction, and now has no water on the Yongding River. Wanping county to the…

Beijing World Park

2017-10-19Wes lee26

Beijing World ParkWorld Park is located in the outskirts of Beijing, showcasing the sights of the world's park, located in Fengtai District, Beijing, China. April 1992 start, was officially opened in September 1993. The total area of ​​46.7 hectares. Park in more than 40…

China Space Museum

2017-10-19Wes lee41

China Space MuseumChina Space Museum is located in the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology ten kilometers south of Tiananmen Square in Beijing axis. National Science Education Base, Beijing science education base, the central state organs ideological education base.…