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    Guangzhou tourist souvenirs Embroidery crafts

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Shaanxi Museum of Natural History

2017-10-29Wes lee48

Shaanxi Museum of Natural HistoryNatural History Museum in Xi'an in Shaanxi Chang'an Road 88 on the boat-shaped island, north bell tower, south balcony Zhongnanshan, elegant environment, convenient traffic, is the only large-scale comprehensive Northwest Museum of Natural History…

Shaanxi Provincial Museum of Fine Arts

2017-10-29Wes lee25

Shaanxi Provincial Museum of Fine ArtsShaanxi Provincial Museum of Fine Arts Museum of Fine Arts is a large investment in building the people's government of Shaanxi Province, it is a nonprofit social and cultural institutions in charge of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture. Shaanx…

Cuihua Mountain National Geopark

2017-10-29Wes lee34

Cuihua Mountain National GeoparkCuihuashan located 20 kilometers south of Xi'an Qinling Mountains Zhongnan Mountain in the middle, the national antelope nature reserve buffer Niubeiliang, is the most unique part of the Qinling Mountains. Park area of ​​32 square kilometers, the altitud…

Xi'an Gao-Family Courtyard

2017-10-29Wes lee28

Xi'an Gao-Family CourtyardThat Xi'an Gao-Family Courtyard Beiyuanmen 144 houses, located in Xi'an bustling commercial street - Beiyuanmen Muslim snack street, the former residence of Song is a Gao-Family mountain, covers an area of ​​4.2 acres, with a total living area of ​​2517…

Guanzhong Folk Art Museum

2017-10-29Wes lee16

Guanzhong Folk Art MuseumGuanzhong Folk Art Museum is located in the Qinling Zhongnan Mountain World Geological Park in the heart and the Sui and Tang Buddhist shrine at the foot of South Mountain, east Cuihuashan, owned South Mountain, west of Caotang Temple…

Qujiang Ocean Park

2017-10-29Wes lee32

Qujiang Ocean ParkQujiang Ocean Park is a national 4A level scenic spots, opened in 2005 February 5, consists of three parts aquarium, Rhine Place, Ocean Business Club composition, not only to fill the gaps in the northwest marine tourism resources and projects in the same…

Taiping National Forest Park

2017-10-28Wes lee15

Taiping National Forest ParkPacific National Forest Park is located in the southwest of Xi'an Hu County peaceful valley, 44 kilometers away from Xi'an, a total area of ​​6085 hectares. The park has Shimen, Mongolian gazelle dam, the moon lake, stone vessels son, birch bay five sce…

Lantian ape man ruins

2017-10-28Wes lee44

Lantian ape man ruinsThe site is located in Lantian County Lantian Man Chenjiawo village and Gongwangling. In July 1963, May 1964, under the Chinese Academy of Sciences found that ape jaw, skull and sites in two places, the determination of paleomagnetism, Chenjiawo ape-man d…

Xi'an Town God's Temple

2017-10-28Wes lee18

Xi'an Town God's TempleTown God's Temple is one of the only two Taoist temple in Xi'an, but also the protection of the state. 600 years, though after the vicissitudes of life, but still magnificent. Town God's Temple built during the Hongwu twenty years (1387), at the East G…

Xi'an Xingqing Palace

2017-10-28Wes lee24

Xi'an Xingqing PalaceImperial palace park is located in the southeast corner of the outer walls of the ancient capital of Xi'an, due to the construction on the site of the Tang Dynasty palace Imperial palace named. The park is the oldest of China's historical and cultural H…

Zhongnan Mountain National Forest Park

2017-10-28Wes lee30

Zhongnan Mountain National Forest ParkZhongnan Mountain National Forest Park is located in Chang'an District of Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, is one of the most landslide areas of geological development, and Cuihuashan National Geopark is an important part of the final Nanshan National Forest…

Xi'an Cao-tang Temple

2017-10-28Wes lee52

Xi'an Cao-tang TempleXi'an tourism mountains Road Caotang Temple is located southwest outskirts, 35 km eastern section of the northbound Xi'an Hu County, west of too much water, looking south Qinling Mountains. It is a rich Buddhist cultural heritage of the Millennium Templ…

Xi'an Eight Immortals Temple antique market

2017-10-28Wes lee43

Xi'an Eight Immortals Temple antique marketXi'an City antiques market, back on a long history of the ancient capital of thirteen, a brilliant and unique domineering king, even if it is a collection of ignorant, nor understand components of the ancient city…

Daming Palace National Heritage Park

2017-10-28Wes lee111

Daming Palace National Heritage ParkXi'an Qujiang Daming Palace National Heritage Park Management Co., Ltd. Tang laden with memories, filled with modern, Tang Daming Palace this mysterious grand imperial palace, leading the people's thoughts through 1,000 years of time and space fog…

Tang Dynasty West Market cultural attractions

2017-10-28Wes lee31

Tang Dynasty West Market cultural attractionsIn the Tang Dynasty City, Long An Youdong (now Xi'an Jiaotong area) and the Western City (near today labor Road) the two major markets, the East City, primarily serving the dignitaries and other minorities, while the West is a popular city, the civilian…