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Changsha tea culture

2017-11-29Aix XinLe86

Changsha tea cultureChangsha most fertile soil hilly area, suitable for tea cultivation. There are certain advantages in terms of regional development of tea industry position, human resources and natural conditions. Changsha culture in the rich natural resources of a unique…

Changsha New Year customs

2017-11-29Aix XinLe45

Changsha New Year customsChangsha New Year customs are very different, there are said to be the old New Year to take a bath to hide debt anecdotes. Fast work together to understand the Chinese New Year customs at the Changsha with small series…

Changsha Custom of the Dragon Boat Festival

2017-11-29Aix XinLe47

Changsha Custom of the Dragon Boat FestivalDragon Boat Festival is a traditional festival, will put a small holiday for three days, so that we a reunion. But around a lot of friends will plan to go out and play, relax. If you have time, it is better to go home with the family over a Dragon Boat Fe…

Changsha marriage customs

2017-11-29Aix XinLe39

Changsha marriage customsEthnic minorities, young men and women mate, engagement and wedding to colorful than Han Chinese, many of them also maintain the original ancient features. Minority youth to get to know each other, to identify the object often in festivals or go to the ma…

Changsha folk opera culture Hunan opera

2017-11-28Aix XinLe89

Changsha folk opera culture Hunan operaHunan, because it is located in Hunan referred to as named Hunan, is the representative of Hunan operas, mainly popular in Xiangtan and Changsha. Because Changsha and Xiangtan is Hunan's political, economic and cultural center, broad vision, Hunan opera…

Chinese fireworks culture history

2017-11-28Aix XinLe50

Chinese fireworks culture historyGunpowder, also known as the black powder. Is one of the four great inventions of Chinese. An outstanding achievement in the history of human civilization. Powder in the external energy properly, can quickly and regular combustion, and generating large am…