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Guangzhou ivory carving art

2017-10-25Aix XinLe32

Guangzhou ivory carving artRefers to the ivory carving ivory carving materials and finished products, it is an ancient traditional art, but also a folk arts and crafts. Elephant ivory is the strongest part of the body, its smooth as jade, durable, precious gem stone exploration and…

Guangzhou Lingnan style art of Jade carving

2017-10-25Aix XinLe74

Guangzhou Lingnan style art of Jade carvingGuangzhou jade carving formed in the late Tang Dynasty, to maintain the original natural jade color. Jade crafts materials more choice of jadeite jade, jewelry and furnishings sub-types of goods. The process of forming in the late Tang Dynasty, has been a…

Guangzhou folk art of wood carving

2017-10-25Aix XinLe91

Guangzhou folk art of wood carvingOur carvings and other carving as a long history. Wood carving appeared in the Spring and Autumn Period, Li Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties and so far, focused, continuous innovation and development…

Guangzhou folk art of weaving gold porcelain polychrome

2017-10-25Aix XinLe48

Guangzhou folk art of weaving gold porcelain polychromeWide color is referred to as the art of polychrome glaze in Guangzhou, Guangzhou refers to the firing of woven gold polychrome color and low-temperature glaze decoration techniques used. Also known as "Guangdong color", "Canton woven gold porcelain."…

Guangzhou folk art Cantonese opera

2017-10-25Aix XinLe47

Guangzhou folk art Cantonese operaCantonese opera from the South, formerly known as "Cantonese drama", also known as "drama" or "Guangdong drama", originated in Foshan. As early as the Han Dynasty, performing arts Foshan has been very popular. Since the Ming Dynasty Jiajing began in…

Guangzhou folk Guangdong art folk music

2017-10-25Aix XinLe49

Guangzhou folk Guangdong art folk musicGuangdong music, also known as "Cantonese music" in the late Qing Dynasty gradually formed the basis of the local folk "would octave" and opera accompaniment tunes on. Which is light, soft, China, fine, concentrated style and fresh and smooth, melodio…

Guangzhou folk art puppet show

2017-10-25Aix XinLe47

Guangzhou folk art puppet showChinese puppetry began in the Han Dynasty, called as "puppet." Guangdong puppet show, about passing in the Yuan Dynasty. Guangdong puppet show variety, Rod, iron bars, round body, lifting lines, bags and other forms, shapes carved, look different, vivid…

Guangzhou folk art Hakka folk songs

2017-10-25Aix XinLe39

Guangzhou folk art Hakka folk songsHakka folk songs Guangzhou Guangzhou Hakka dialect Hakka singing folk songs. Hakka folk songs accompanied by the formation and evolution of the Hakka people. Hakka folk songs of Fu, Xing approach can be traced to fifteen Guofeng, lyrics approximate Bamboo…

Guangzhou folk art Lion Dance

2017-10-25Aix XinLe33

Guangzhou folk art Lion DanceLion dance, Chinese lion dance belongs to the Southern Lion, a native of Guangdong folk dance, dance Court in Guangdong is a treasure.Historically the lion dance was born out of the palace of the Tang Dynasty, Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms after, with t…

Guangdong Food Culture

2017-10-25Aix XinLe63

Guangdong Food CultureEating customs is an important cultural phenomenon, not only food available for human use containing organic matter to sustain life activities, for every kind of food and consumption patterns, but also by the culture of their reliability coupled with the…

The arcade culture of guangzhou

2017-10-25Aix XinLe96

The arcade culture of guangzhouGuangzhou arcade that time, just as at that time or striped dress shirt fashionable dajin, along the winding main street of the city. Its beautiful melody, as graceful curve along the piping dress, graceful extend in premises spread out in urban areas, ou…

Guangzhou porridge culture

2017-10-25Aix XinLe196

Guangzhou porridge cultureIn Cantonese, the epitaxial porridge has poor meaning. Rice porridge VS VS equal North Wotou bun. "There congee porridge, food to eat rice" is "wealth can not be obscene, humble can not be moved," the civilian representation. "Porridge meal, in one f…

Guangzhou drinking tea culture

2017-10-25Aix XinLe42

Guangzhou drinking tea cultureIn Guangzhou, the folk tea treat has become a matter of protocol, if the customer, the first thing is to offer a cup of "good tea", the first sentence is "Please drink tea" as an expression of the owner's passion , friendly and polite. Since ancient…

Cantonese residence culture

2017-10-25Aix XinLe103

Cantonese residence cultureCantonese houses, usually refers to Greater Pearl River Delta region, the building of western Guangdong, eastern Guangdong Hakka architecture with Chaoshan building a big difference. Ventilation and generally in line with the requirements of Cantonese coo…

Guangzhou Zengcheng Hakka culture

2017-10-25Aix XinLe111

Guangzhou Zengcheng Hakka cultureCurrently Zengcheng Hakka residents has reached 30 thousand people, more than 40% of the city's household population; 9 town street in the city, the Hakka people are living, Hakka mainly in Paitan, immortal, small building, Licheng, increasing Jiang, Zhu…