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    Changsha folk opera culture Hunan opera

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    Guilin cuisine Quanzhou Braised rice fish

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    Guangzhou traditional Cantonese-style roast barbecue

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Changsha cuisine Liuyang tempeh

2017-11-23Aix XinLe65

Changsha cuisine Liuyang tempehLiuyang lobster sauce is local specialty Liuyang County. It mud beans and black beans as raw material, from finishing. Finished tempeh was dark brown or red sauce, meat wrinkled skin, soft, full particles. After adding up the blisters, thicken the sauce d…

Changsha snacks Sister dumplings

2017-11-23Aix XinLe43

Changsha snacks Sister dumplingsSisters dumpling is a well-known restaurant in Changsha snacks, has 60 years of history since the early years of operation of this food is Gompertz two sisters, so named, it is the method of glutinous rice, rice refining, take the pink leather, with date…

Changsha cuisine chopped hot pepper

2017-11-23Aix XinLe56

Changsha cuisine chopped hot pepperIn almost every family has made Ningxiang chopped hot pepper customs, different families making slightly different, plus ginger rice, plus Liuyang lobster sauce, add garlic sub, add pepper, etc., into the different families like various other accessories,…

Changsha cuisine Jar vegetables

2017-11-23Aix XinLe87

Changsha cuisine Jar vegetablesJar dish originated in ancient times, the choice of fresh vegetables pottery sealed, to prepare for emergency use. After thousands of years of oral teaching, innovation, developed into a jar dish a unique flavor, variety of local products…

Changsha features snack Amomum cake

2017-11-23Aix XinLe56

Changsha features snack Amomum cakeAmomum cake Changsha Ningxiang County's traditional cuisine, with its crisp sand sweet, soft and relenting, named after four famous Hunan cake (including the wick cake, Ma cake, bake cakes), one of the renowned outside the province…

Changsha features snack Liuyang Steamed vegetables

2017-11-21Aix XinLe66

Changsha features snack Liuyang Steamed vegetablesChangsha in Hunan Liuyang steamed is a traditional cuisine, according to legend originated in the Ming Dynasty, after 500 years of development. To evaporate wax cuisine, basic dishes are: dry wax beans steamed diced, steamed ham, chop pepper steamed potat…

Changsha features snack taste crab

2017-11-21Aix XinLe61

Changsha features snack taste crabChangsha people eat and eat shrimp taste crab taste the same madness, the snack stalls, taste the taste of shrimp and crab are two courses Changsha people will point. In Changsha taste crab doing better known to belong to "plum prawns city", and its fou…

Changsha traditional dishes spicy chicken

2017-11-21Aix XinLe38

Changsha traditional dishes spicy chickenHunan spicy chicken is a classic, century-old Changsha Yuk House East's most prestigious, the grandson of the late Qing Zēng Guofan: Zeng Hanlin Xiangxiang wide hook CASTLE meal, had left the lyrics to "spicy chicken sub full stomach, it is often recall…

Changsha traditional dishes Chicken flavor

2017-11-21Aix XinLe57

Changsha traditional dishes Chicken flavorHunan local taste of chicken is famous Hunan, characteristics: texture soft rot, Hot & Spicy thick, suitable for autumn and winter consumption…

Changsha traditional dishes Duck blood

2017-11-21Aix XinLe73

Changsha traditional dishes Duck bloodHunan duck blood is a traditional dish. The approach is: to cut into many small fast duck put the pot, the first copy of dry water vapor in on the plate. Then Guo Lifang a lot of oil, the ginger, garlic into a properly fried, put the point in chili powder…

Changsha traditional dishes Braised Pork

2017-11-20Aix XinLe51

Changsha traditional dishes Braised PorkBraised Pork Chairman Mao's hometown is famous because, Pork, where the election is half fat half lean pork, after the pork with cinnamon star anise candy steamed and then fried wok lobster sauce condiments, soy sauce and then add a small amount of fine…

Changsha traditional dishes Chop bell pepper fish head

2017-11-20Aix XinLe56

Changsha traditional dishes Chop bell pepper fish headFish head belongs to the Department of Hunan, Xiangtan is a famous dish. With "delicious" and chopped hot pepper of the head of "spicy" as one flavor unique. Dishes bright red color, rich, tender meat. Fat but not greasy, taste Ruannuo, spicy taste…

Changsha Liuyang features snack fried rice

2017-11-20Aix XinLe50

Changsha Liuyang features snack fried riceFried rice is one of the specialty Liuyang, Liuyang people love a traditional cuisine. "Fried trump card" fried rice with "Zong Bing tradition, keeping up with fashion, close to nature" for business purposes, take the road of brand, with its unique ar…

Changsha features snack duck sauce

2017-11-20Aix XinLe68

Changsha features snack duck sauceHunan sauce Banya are the characteristics of the incense, dry thin little duck, said at most, put a pound on the scale, but rather tough meat, with white words of chewy without charges teeth. Taste salty, a little spicy (if it is not spicy food that is ho…

Changsha features snack spring rolls

2017-11-20Aix XinLe65

Changsha features snack spring rollsSpring rolls, Changsha is a traditional folk snacks, has been a thousand years of history.Crispy spring rolls are characterized, soft, juicy and tender. Which according to their own tastes stuffing replacement, prepared by, first the flour with water in t…