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Changsha features snack Stinky tofu

2017-11-22Aix XinLe38

Changsha features snack Stinky tofuChangsha tofu is a local brand-name snacks, also known as stinking dry sub. Compare up from the color, smell, Changsha tofu can be described as very fit "tofu" words. "Tofu" although its name tacky, ugly outside Neixiu, flat in see odd, has a long his…

Changsha features snack tempeh chopped hot pepper

2017-11-22Aix XinLe29

Changsha features snack tempeh chopped hot pepperLiuyang tempeh chopped hot pepper is traditional specialties. Using local red pepper and tempeh quality as the main raw material, made, famous in Hunan Province, Su…

Changsha features snack tastes snake

2017-11-22Aix XinLe26

Changsha features snack tastes snakeHunan dishes taste snake is, the choice of high-protein, low-fat, tender meat of local cuisine as good snake, well-developed raw materials, formulated to taste fresh, fragrant, spicy as the main feature. Fresh, spicy, sour sauce snake, full plate full of…

Changsha features snack Tara buns

2017-11-22Aix XinLe43

Changsha features snack Tara bunsMentioned buns, Changsha shall call "Tara." Tara was built between Guangxu years, first as a surname Tang owners near the octagonal opened a mom and pop, which means "Zuo Zhuan" "Virtue is music, music is able to for a long time," meaning, the name…

Changsha features snack Rice noodles

2017-11-22Aix XinLe22

Changsha features snack Rice noodlesChangsha, Guilin rice noodles not so famous, but has its own characteristics, it is one of the favorite food of the people of Changsha. Changsha people like to eat rice, rice flour round points with flat powder are two, Changsha people mostly prefer eatin…