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    Guilin Yangshuo charming cultural phenomenon

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    Beijing Ming Tombs

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    Xi'an specialties wax juice meat sandwich

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    Xi'an new Year spring social activity

Beijing features snack Du-YiChu dumpling

2017-10-14Wes lee83

Beijing features snack Du-YiChu dumplingHave a dumpling, the capital known to everybody, dumpling is a traditional Chinese folk food, which is shaped like a pomegranate, white crystal, filling more than thin, mellow taste. Dumpling its unique charm to attract both a majority of Chinese and fore…

Beijing cuisine Qingfeng buns

2017-10-13Wes lee44

Beijing cuisine Qingfeng bunsQingfeng Baozi Pu ago (in 2017) has 60 years of history, then howl "Wanxing Home", is located in Beijing, Xi'an door operators buns, snacks, rice, vegetables. Due buns strict election materials, production of fine, pure taste, business is booming…

Beijing features snack stinky tofu

2017-10-13Wes lee93

Beijing features snack stinky tofuTofu is a spread in the whole of China and other parts of the world tofu fermented products, but across the way in the production, consumption methods are considerable differences. Tofu dry tofu and tofu milk points are two, are very popular snacks. Tofu…

Beijing-style preserved fruit

2017-10-13Wes lee58

Beijing-style preserved fruitAfter fruit is fresh fruit, peeled, taken nuclear, sugar cooking, soaking, drying and finishing food packaging made of other major processes, bright transparent, surface drying, slightly viscous, water content 20% or less. Preserves a wide range of well-k…

Beijing features snack sugar-coated haws

2017-10-13Wes lee94

Beijing features snack sugar-coated hawsSugar-coated haws, sweet and sour taste, all ages, it is not only delicious, but also very good-looking, bright red hawthorn fruit by size to wear on a bamboo stick child, wrapped in crystal clear syrup, people tend to sell its only a candied fruit string…

Beijing features snack dried fruit

2017-10-13Wes lee44

Beijing features snack dried fruitWinter frost, the old Beijing this season to a market to see fresh fruit, the flavor can satisfy their craving but some sugar-coated haws, frozen persimmon, unlike now lychee, watermelon, peach, north and south assortment of fresh goods, people always It…

Beijing features snack ingot ravioli

2017-10-13Wes lee103

Beijing features snack ingot ravioliOld Beijing due to the shape of the gold ingot ravioli named.Before 1950, Beijing Donghuamen "Wonton Hou" small package wonton most attention, fame is also large. It was originally full of people like to eat snacks. "All doors Zayong" set: "ravioli f…

Beijing specialties almond tea

2017-10-13Wes lee47

Beijing specialties almond teaAlmond tea is a civil court passed a snack. It selects purified almond powder based materials, with a large copper pot dragon fired boiling water system, together with almond, peanut, sesame, rose, osmanthus, raisins, medlar, cherry, ten kinds of sugar an…

Beijing features snack fried dumpling

2017-10-13Wes lee86

Beijing features snack fried dumplingIs a fried dumpling stuffing baked snack foods category, ingenious, exquisite taste, and many more pig meat products as often, depending on the season together with the different fresh vegetables. Fried dumpling around different shapes, usually dumpling s…

Beijing features snack Vegetable oil tea

2017-10-13Wes lee95

Beijing features snack Vegetable oil teaCamellia also tonic Beijing snack, which is placed in the pot Scoop flour color yellow, brown fry also Maren, osmanthus plus oil and cattle bone, rubbing evenly mixed, homogenous and then rub on seasoned millet mush bowl, with sugar, with water into a pas…

Beijing specialties San son of cannabis

2017-10-13Wes lee242

Beijing specialties San son of cannabisSan son cannabis is Beijing halal snacks in the boutique, very popular with people welcome, it's making too much trouble. In advance alum, alkali, brown sugar, sugar osmanthus melted with warm water on the basin, and then the flour into a uniform, elonga…

Beijing specialties Grilled rice cake

2017-10-13Wes lee65

Beijing specialties Grilled rice cakeGrilled rice cake snacks in the summer is Beijing snacks, made with buckwheat, while the general sale and jelly. Eating cut into small pieces, and then shaved Grilled rice cake small strip thickness of two thin intermediate sheet served in a bowl, sprinkl…

Beijing features snack sheep eyes buns

2017-10-13Wes lee126

Beijing features snack sheep eyes bunsAccording to legend, Emperor Kang Xi of the Qing Dynasty had eaten sheep eyes bun, therefore famous. This was because of their small heads like sheep eye, sheep eyes so called buns. Although small steamed buns, but the fillings diverse, very like…

Beijing features snack Wangao

2017-10-13Wes lee55

Beijing features snack WangaoWangao, is the fermented rice sweet syrup in a bowl steamed, pan steamed after its shape is a bowl-shaped, hence the name. Wangao, water cake known as "Bang Bang cake", with the Lijiang River water soaked glutinous rice, ground into a semi-liquid form (…

Beijing features snack Saqi Ma

2017-10-13Wes lee55

Beijing features snack Saqi MaSaqi Ma is a food Manchu, one of the three hills outside Guan Qing Dynasty sacrificial offerings, means "dog breast dipped in sugar", after the Zhashu noodles, mixed with sugar into small pieces. Saqi Ma is one of the famous Beijing-style seasonal pastr…