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    Beijing features snack Saqi Ma

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Xi'an snack Tofu brain

2017-10-21Wes lee39

Xi'an snack Tofu brainTraditional snack bean curd dry county in Shaanxi, because white jade, soft and delicate, like the brains of animals named. Curd origins quite early Western Han Dynasty, the Han emperor Liu Bang's grandson Huainan Wang Liu Ann and his hangers soybean as…

Xi'an snack biang-biang noodles

2017-10-21Wes lee17

Xi'an snack biang-biang noodlesIn the Qin Dynasty, Xianyang street was selling biáng biáng surface; an old man often peddle carts, sometimes chopping wood for fire and scoop water from the surface and at the roadside or in the Weihe Weihe side rack pot, add boiling water to the pot sur…

Xi'an cuisine dampened with water surface

2017-10-21Wes lee33

Xi'an cuisine dampened with water surfaceYang Ling dip surface shape of the belt known as "belt surface." Dip belt surface due to pass to Hou's birthplace - famous Yang Ling, Shaanxi cuisines. Belt face among the first in Shaanxi Ten strange, because "the soup is moderate, but not greasy oil…

Xi'an cuisine pot helmet

2017-10-21Wes lee30

Xi'an cuisine pot helmetDry state is formerly dry county. During the Tang dynasty, was named the state capital to set up here. In the "Book of Changes" Eight Diagrams, the northwest known as the "dry", and precisely position the dry county in the northwest of the ancient cit…

Xi'an snacks peas cut cake

2017-10-21Wes lee34

Xi'an snacks peas cut cakeIt's hard to say the words of pea face be whole grains or refined grains, whole grains is to say it, you see people make Beijingers could get pea-like, such as Huang Yu Wandou Huang; flour and rice it is said, as if someone rarely heard nothing to eat pe…

Xi'an cuisine sour soup dumplings

2017-10-21Wes lee31

Xi'an cuisine sour soup dumplingsXi'an city, selling sour soup dumplings with noodles in Lanzhou, Lanzhou city to sell as much. Outsiders as long as a turn in the streets, you see, also the smell. Many sell sour soup dumplings have signs, even write a few words only crooked white with r…

Xi'an cuisine Fried pepper

2017-10-21Wes lee19

Xi'an cuisine Fried pepperIn Shaanxi eight strange, there is one and he said: "chili oil dish." In a limerick local legend, the road also mentioned that both seasoning, but also a main course of chili oil. The poem said: "Qinchuan dusty, thirty million old Qi roar Shaanxi opera…

Xi'an cuisine Roast beef and mutton

2017-10-21Wes lee23

Xi'an cuisine Roast beef and muttonCured beef and mutton in Xi'an, nearly a hundred years of history, is one of Xi'an snacks. It is sophisticated choice of materials, sophisticated technology, complete accessories, fire power properly, halogen tablets out of the meat to crisp, ruddy colo…

Xi'an snack Qin town of rice skin

2017-10-21Wes lee41

Xi'an snack Qin town of rice skinQin Qin Du town that is located in Xi'an Hu County Fenghe the West Bank, there was a modest capital city of the Western Zhou climate, fertile soil, rich in high-quality rice. Leather made of rice produced here refining rice, Israel Guangrun, thin ribs so…

Xi'an snack large intestine head

2017-10-21Wes lee36

Xi'an snack large intestine headXi'an, famous snacks. Hulu, when the market comes from the Song Dynasty food "fried white gut" medical scientist Sun Ssu Tang reportedly eating a monopoly in Chang'an pig intestine small shop "chop suey" smell after eating that big, greasy and more,…

Xi'an cuisine fried flour leaves

2017-10-21Wes lee28

Xi'an cuisine fried flour leavesWheat flour: flour rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and other minerals, nourishing the heart and kidney, intestinal health askance thick, the effectiveness of heat and thirst, in addition to atte…

Xi'an cuisine candied gourd

2017-10-21Wes lee39

Xi'an cuisine candied gourdSugar-coated haws is a traditional Chinese cuisine, it is the berries dipped after maltose syrup with a bamboo stick string clusters, taffy case of wind quickly harden. Common snack northern winter, generally strung with hawthorn, taffy was frozen hard, e…

Xi'an specialties gourd chicken

2017-10-21Wes lee85

Xi'an specialties gourd chickenGourd chicken Xi'an traditional dishes. Its choice of materials is south of Xi'an three Yao village "Japanese Japanese chicken", this chicken rearing year, the net weight of about 1000 grams, fresh meat. After clearing boiled, steamed, fried three pro…

Xi'an souvenirs flour pimple soup

2017-10-21Wes lee31

Xi'an souvenirs flour pimple soupLaogua (WA) scatter (sa second tone) is similar to a local Shaanxi food dough, but inside the dough lump than much larger size, the shape of the dough the dough is pointed at both ends of the intermediate park, like the head of a crow , so named Laogua Ca…

Xi'an souvenirs potato cake

2017-10-21Wes lee26

Xi'an souvenirs potato cakeIn Xi'an, many of these snacks, a potato cake can be regarded as the most representative. Group potato is potato cake mix, do not underestimate this up the group, the locals do it the color, taste, smell, and taste…