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Beijing souvenirs ivory carving

2017-10-14Wes lee83

Beijing souvenirs ivory carvingIvory white, fine and glossy, with a natural and elegant texture, hard and full of toughness, not easy to crack, handicraft processing is good material. Our ancestors in ancient times had been acquainted with the beauty of the material, the ivory carved i…

Beijing souvenirs gold silk mosaic crafts

2017-10-14Wes lee200

Beijing souvenirs gold silk mosaic craftsFiligree inlaid called "fine gold process." In fact, combined with "filaments" and "mosaic" two kinds of production techniques. Filaments selection of gold, silver, copper raw materials, pinch, fill, save, welding, weaving, and other conventional pi…

Beijing Dashilan Commercial Street

2017-09-29Wes lee701

Beijing Dashilan Commercial StreetDashanlan: pronounced "Oishi rotten children" (dàshílànr) Beijing outside the front door is a famous commercial street. Now also refers Dashanlan Street and Langfang headlines, food shop Street, Coal Street, including a parcel of land. Dashanlan is loca…

Beijing Panjiayuan flea market

2017-09-29Wes lee113

Beijing Panjiayuan flea marketBeijing Panjiayuan Flea Market is located in the southeast corner of Third Ring Road Beijing, is China's largest flea market, operating a variety of artifacts and painting, the four treasures, porcelain and wood furniture,…

Beijing Liulichang antique market

2017-09-29Wes lee95

Beijing Liulichang antique marketBeijing Liulichang antique market is located in Xicheng District. 1 km from Tiananmen Square. Liulichang north and south west of Willow Lane, Temple Street east to life extension, a total length of 800 meters. Liao and Jin called Neptune village…

Beijing souvenirs: silk figurine handicrafts

2017-09-29Wes lee154

Beijing souvenirs: silk figurine handicraftsSilk Man is a human form of art. Folk cloth toys, "pins and needles", "" color bar "and other handicrafts, and are closely related to it. It is based on the ancient Chinese folk tale of young men and women, and ethnic dance drama character modeling,…

Beijing souvenirs: Glass product

2017-09-29Wes lee125

Beijing souvenirs: Glass productBeijing was built in the Yuan Dynasty has a glass kiln, said Liulichang, later dynasties have built a similar kiln. The glass material is a colored material translucent mineral, a key process in the "blowing" character, so called dry regarded Beijing th…

Beijing souvenirs: dough figurine crafts

2017-09-29Wes lee110

Beijing souvenirs: dough figurine craftsFlour dough also known, is a simple but artistic production of high folk art. Practice: it with flour, glutinous rice flour as the main raw material, kneading, rubbing, kneading, and smart place with a small bamboo knife, cutting, carving, scratching, and…

Beijing souvenirs: Jade carving crafts

2017-09-29Wes lee155

Beijing souvenirs: Jade carving craftsJade, carved by means jade objects. Jade contains jade, carved from jade synthesizers, counting more than 100 years known as jade or ancient jade. Modern varieties of jade decorations variety of styles, are: the Jade beads, each jade bracelet, each hairpi…

Beijing souvenirs: Carved lacquer crafts

2017-09-29Wes lee118

Beijing souvenirs: Carved lacquer craftsBeijing carved lacquer and lacquer ware in general different. Said lacquer general, the main technique of expression is coated on the lacquer or the lacquer apply a layer of paint on the stencil after lacquer, or a paint color is also bordered on some pai…

Beijing souvenirs: Cloisonne

2017-09-29Wes lee71

Beijing souvenirs: CloisonneAlso known as cloisonne enamel, it originated in the Yuan Dynasty, ancient Kyoto, and prevailed in the Ming Dynasty Jingtai years (1450 Year - 1456), mainly because of its glaze color blue (peacock blue and sapphire blue) dominated the ancient called cloi…

Beijing souvenirs: Peking opera masks


Beijing souvenirs: Peking opera masksPeking Opera Art is the majority of opera lovers a very popular art, very popular at home and abroad, it has been recognized as the identification of traditional Chinese culture. Peking Opera, is a special feature of a national of makeup. As each historic…

Beijing souvenirs: silk handicrafts

2017-09-29Wes lee111

Beijing souvenirs: silk handicraftsSilk Man is a human form of art. Folk cloth toys, "pins and needles", "" color bar "and other handicrafts, and are closely related to it. It is based on the ancient Chinese folk tale of young men and women, and ethnic dance drama character modeling,…

Beijing souvenirs: Mao monkey handicrafts

2017-09-28Wes lee113

Beijing souvenirs: Mao monkey handicraftsMonkeys are old Beijing Han Chinese traditional arts and crafts. As a monkey nature elf, it's smart, lively, reveals a natural taste. I speak of here is not the nature of the monkey, but the old Beijing traditional art unique to a Han, monkeys natural ta…

Beijing souvenirs: Palace lanterns

2017-09-28Wes lee108

Beijing souvenirs: Palace lanterns  Lanterns for the imperial family court lighting tools. Beijing wooden palace lantern artistic life with its colorful decorative, colorful visual appreciation and practicality on lighting, a place in the colorful art treasure of the Chinese nation…