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  • Old Beijing folk custom temple fair

    Old Beijing folk custom temple fair

  • Beijing souvenirs: Mao monkey handicrafts

    Beijing souvenirs: Mao monkey handicrafts

  • Beijing features snack Saqi Ma

    Beijing features snack Saqi Ma

  • Beijing traditional marriage customs

    Beijing traditional marriage customs

Xi'an souvenirs Ziyang tea

2017-10-27Wes lee42

Xi'an souvenirs Ziyang teaShaanxi Ziyang mountainous water, rich, Ziyang tea is one of the most well-known one. Ziyang tea on Cuba States Period, Western Han Dynasty appeared tea trade, the Tang Dynasty as a tribute tea Shannan, Song and Ming Dynasties Ma Yi tea…

Xi'an souvenirs bloodstone

2017-10-26Wes lee25

Xi'an souvenirs bloodstoneSoapstone strip is cinnabar dickite, which further color than red cinnabar. Because it was the color of blood, like red, so people commonly known as soapstone. Bloodstone earliest discovery of Zhejiang Changhua soapstone jade rock. Later it was found Chif…

Xi'an souvenirs hand weaving cloth

2017-10-26Wes lee39

Xi'an souvenirs hand weaving clothSouth Zhenyuan village is located southeast of the town can be, Westwood 1 km south of the Northern Line, adjacent to the Changning, two townships south of benevolence, the village has 376 households six groups of villagers, more than 1900 people, farmlan…

Xi'an souvenirs ancient monument rubbing

2017-10-26Wes lee35

Xi'an souvenirs ancient monument rubbingXi'an Beilin collection of the Han, Wei, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties stele total of more than 2300, it is a vibrant place name of the monument calligraphy in China. Xi'an stele rubbings including Yen Chen, "Tang pagoda monument sense," L…

Qin Terracotta figurines imitation products Xi'an souvenirs

2017-10-26Wes lee33

Qin Terracotta figurines imitation products Xi'an souvenirsQin terracotta warriors and horses excavated and exhibited sensation in the world, known as the "eighth wonder of the world." Qin terracotta warriors and horses unearthed all pottery, pottery horses with a real person, a real horse of similar size, carv…

Xi'an tourism shopping imitation Tang Sancai

2017-10-26Wes lee105

Xi'an tourism shopping imitation Tang SancaiAs the capital of the Tang Dynasty, unearthed a large number of three-color pottery figurines, pottery horses and camels pottery from the Tang Dynasty. Imitation Tang Sancai vivid, the characters full of personality, horses and camels with a touching arti…

Xi'an souvenirs, willow branches weave crafts

2017-10-26Wes lee44

Xi'an souvenirs, willow branches weave craftsWillow is one of Chinese traditional folk arts and crafts, also have specialty Xi'an. In ancient times people are just as common everyday real products, know only gradually rise after decades of the twentieth century, has gradually become parts of Chines…

Hu County peasant paintings Xi'an souvenirs

2017-10-26Wes lee29

Hu County peasant paintings Xi'an souvenirsHu County peasant paintings painted more content based on the figures, animals, birds and flowers, exquisite decorative, artistic composition, focusing on the effect of color, the pursuit of Qiang Lie intuitive feeling, a strong flavor of farm life gradua…

Xi'an Lantian specialty jade

2017-10-26Wes lee44

Xi'an Lantian specialty jadeChinese famous jade "Lantian" Chi of Chinese and foreign, has a long history. Nearly extinct traditional Chinese jade was rediscovered name, reproduction annals mysterious charisma, hard jade, color Banlan, shiny and moist, fine texture, a multi-color j…

Xi'an Shopping Guide

2017-10-26Wes lee29

Xi'an Shopping GuideXi'an is now a new commercial street, West Street business climate with the forthcoming opening of a series of shopping malls become the new choice of shopping after people in Xi'an, now the streets are already era Parkson stores in the City two large s…

Xi'an tourism souvenirs

2017-10-26Wes lee78

Xi'an tourism souvenirsAs one of the important cities of Xi'an in northwest China, rapid economic development in recent years to enhance the continuous development of business, shopping very convenient. Xi'an, a major shopping district is characterized by highly concentrated…

Xi'an Imitation Tang San Cai handicrafts

2017-10-24Wes lee65

Xi'an Imitation Tang San Cai handicraftsThe Tang Dynasty was the heyday of Chinese feudal society, economic prosperity, beautiful and fragrant flowers blooming on culture and art, three-color glazed pottery began in the Northern and Southern Sheng Yu Tang, it vivid style, beautiful color and ri…

Xi'an features crafts pottery Xun

2017-10-24Wes lee145

Xi'an features crafts pottery XunXun is the oldest of one kind of wind instrument. After dating for about six to seven thousand years ago, it has emerged at the beginning shaped Xun, ancient cultural sites such as Banpo Hemudu, etc. have been found: proof from archaeological finds. Tao X…

Xi'an folk arts and crafts

2017-10-24Wes lee99

Xi'an folk arts and craftsFolk crafts and toys, on the customs of the people living almost become one of the elements essential. Its production, through the ages, people asked for a number of artists, young and old, or in-rounder (such as face flower, embroider, etc.), or collecti…