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Exploring the Wedding Custom of the Ami Nationality in Taiwan

Ami, Taiwan ethnic minorities, wedding customs2023-03-17Aix XinLe

Taiwan is a multicultural society, in which ethnic minority culture is also an important component. The Ami ethnic group is one of Taiwan's indigenous peoples, and its wedding customs have an important position in Taiwan's culture. Let's explore the traditional wedding customs of the Ami people together.

Premarital ceremony

In the traditional wedding of the Ami ethnic group, the pre wedding ceremony is a crucial link. In this step, the man needs to first express his marriage intention to the woman's parents. If the woman's parents agree, they will proceed to the next step. The man should bring some gifts, including Bamboo tube food, steamed cakes, chicken, etc., to show his respect and gratitude to the woman's family. If the woman's family is satisfied with the gift brought by the man, it will begin the next step.

wedding ceremony

In the traditional Ami wedding ceremony, the man needs to wear traditional Ami costumes, while the woman needs to wear traditional red wedding clothes. On the wedding day, the man will lead his family members to the woman's house for a welcoming ceremony. During the ceremony, the man needs to express his love for the woman and hand over a silk scarf to the woman, representing that the two will spend their entire lives together. Subsequently, the woman will give back a handkerchief to represent acceptance of the man's love. After the wedding ceremony, the man and the woman will go together to the Ami ancestral altar to receive blessings.

Postnuptial ceremony

In the traditional Ami marriage ceremony, the man needs to bring his wife back to his home, a process known as "bringing the bride.". In this process, the man needs to go to the woman's home to worship their ancestors before bringing the bride back to his own home. After returning to the man's home, the man will introduce his wife to his family and friends to officially become a member of the family. During this session, the man's family will also prepare some gifts to bless the bride. Subsequently, the man will give the bride a handkerchief, representing that the two will face the difficulties and challenges of life together. After that, the bride will also give back a handkerchief to express her willingness to spend her life with the man.


The traditional wedding customs of the Ami ethnic group embody rich cultural connotations and human wisdom, and their unique ritual forms and spiritual connotations are worth our in-depth understanding and learning. By understanding the traditional wedding customs of the Ami ethnic group, we can also better understand and respect the marriage concepts and family values of different cultural backgrounds.

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