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Hong Kong Asian pop festival

2023-01-31Aix XinLe

Asian Pop Music Festival of Hong Kong (Hong Kong Asian - Pop Music Festival), by the international federation of the phonographic industry (Hong Kong), with "One Music in Asia" as the theme, invited Chinese Hong Kong, mainland China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea seven of the top singer in performance.In the same field, the newly-crowned singers in various regions are selected to participate in the music competition of the Asian super nova, with music acting as the basis for the expansion of the market and the exploration of talents for the Asian music industry.In addition to the music award, it also sets the best stage performance award.The first festival was held on March 23, 2011.

Hong Kong Asian pop festival

In 2013, the Asian pop festival in Hong Kong was held on March 22, and wu mo-chou, the New Year's newcomer from the voice of China, was invited to the festival.As the mainland only invited a group of singers, wu mo sorrow and lee generation foam with girlish, kay and so on from South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, etc of the pop superstar pop.The 2013 MIC - on behalf of the mainland to competition with seven other regions artists represent Asia star awards, finally back into three trophies, including WeChat popularity award, for best stage demeanor and the night of the Asian star super grand prize.

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