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Hong Kong people drink tea customs

2023-01-31Aix XinLe

Hong Kong people are not allowed to drink tea, spring, summer, autumn and winter.It is said that drinking tea is not the spring green tea under the window of the tile, the ceramic tea set with the simple elegant, with the two or three people drinking half of the time, can offset the ten years of the dust dream.The Hong Kong people drink tea is to be in the noise of the dust dream, the tea fragrance for the background, the stage is the wine building, the human voice boiling the cage snack to travel back and forth.Drinking tea sounds funny in a restaurant.The wine building is a veritable wine and wine place.In 1903, the Hong Kong government ordered the closure of the red light district of the water pit. The color of the flower was changed into a dark oriole.At that time, the apricot blossom building was the first to run the tea market, and it was improved to sell shrimp dumplings and rice porridge.By 1935, when Hong Kong was banned from sex, the restaurant had already taken the business from the tea house.

Hong Kong people drink tea customs

Hundred years, wine shop at six in the morning to open the door, greet the first batch of customers to buy a newspaper up (every restaurant next is newspapers and magazines) a cup two two disc (a pot of tea snacks) is a few hours, a day in Hong Kong began.The people came to the hot tea, the man walked through dozens or even hundreds of the round table, the noise and the tea party to cooperate with the tacit - see the lid opens a seam to continue the water.The tea array will be set for tea time.The tea restaurant is full of quiet and quiet, and the wine dinner party, it is the original face of the restaurant.Many Hong Kong people bedroom is narrow, the tea restaurant is public living room - on Sunday morning, the morning is to send a placeholder, known as the "bully", then a last-borns ready, shout out in the past, reading a newspaper, chat, children play video games, are all here.Several old woman pushing a car of food, the car has a brand name written on the snack, actually it doesn't matter, you don't write a Po on a cry from time to time to "leek dumplings, pig blood soup", slow to shuttle back and forth in the restaurant.On the way to the table, the guest has a dim sum of tea, which is served with a tea menu, a small stamp from the woman, and a steamed shrimp dumpling, chicken feet or black bean sauce.The tea can be drunk into the afternoon, and the family is reunited for a Sunday.

Drink tea next time, this is a word that can be heard all the time in Hong Kong.The boy girl's affection motioned, the businessman meets the one who can talk to, and the neighbor colleague of the neighborhood, drinking tea is Hong Kong the most traditional and respectable way of communication.This is not to say the wisdom of Hong Kong people, if you have seen the majority of Hong Kong residents in the narrow and small will believe.Such a small island, to the reputation of being a great pearl, to create made the star of the Asia and even the world, more to the livelihood of the people of Hong Kong is tottering, need to how much the consultation how many warm dialogue.Everything was brewing and finished in the tea, drinking and talking, and the day was full of noise.

Hong Kong's sea is high temperature and wet, the subtropical humid monsoon lingering, the ten minutes of the first class of the sea star of the ferry whistle.All of this, the original suit to float a piece of dense light sorrow, a few strands of wet colonial feelings.But Hong Kong people are very outgoing.The land needs to be based on financial trade, and the lively commercial atmosphere forms a forthright and pragmatic urban character, which is the main cause of Hong Kong's character.This clear tea making background, the embarrassment of the narrow people, the joys and sorrows of the melting and the passage of tea.Rich drink, poor and poor drink, the difference is only the place, fame, luxury and dim sum prices.If someone makes a statistic, it might confirm my presumption that "tea" is the most used word in Hong Kong, aside from the usual language.

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