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Xian new Year spring social activity

2023-02-01Aix XinLe

Before and after the fifteenth day of each year, Hou Guanzhai farmer should be playing the fire agency, pray for a year for good weather, bumper harvest, peace and prosperity, especially when playing big fire agency, "Spring officials" That was the focus of cattle classic appreciate leaders.

Xi'an new Year spring social activity

The main line activities are:

1, tease fire agency. Hou Guanzhai people playing the fire agency, starting with the amuse fire agency. Fourth day of the first month to the eighth day later, fans began to tease each other and Social Council and Social Council, also known as burn local fire agency, three clubs from the North South Fourth tease club, society or four South funny north three groups, but do not burn their own home, and various its own object. There are funny straw dog, cow plowing, as well as knocking the drums, burning paper, then tease the dog playing each other in the subsequent selling rat poison, rat marry young married woman, and some mounted gong fishing, those on the hook but catch a bastard. But no matter what should makeup, dress, palm lanterns, very interesting. As long as someone's funny fire agency must play the fire agency.

On the ground, the first people called the cow classic "Spring officer." When playing the fire agency, Chun official "cow classic" can only be elected by the Baoziwan, but not always playing the fire agency on Baoziwan cattle must be played classic. According to the locals, to cattle classic appearance, it must be after six community stockade are burning up the scene, a small community of them.

"What village bylaws" provisions: fire agency into three categories, small spring no official; medium-range fire seven community agency, a spring officer, north and south turn wherever he goes; large seven community complete, and fourteen, fifteen to playing the fire agency, 16th meeting to talk about the good, bring along each community foundation, two days of February put wherever he goes. "In addition, the fire agency for the program, the form and content of the course and made uniform regulations.

2, the election cow classic. Of course, not just cattle classic produced. After careful deliberation is made on the social Baoziwan are attempting to find a Xiangmaotangtang, full instrumentation personnel in Buzi, mighty tall people when the cattle lords, then put on the pounds for pastry to please, if this person does not accept the need to do do their ideological work.

3, knock Zhong Ming show, please "cow master." Bovine master elected on Baoziwan community on the north end of the village bell sounded great outside the temple, to show this year to be playing the fire agency, after six community must name the stockade's flag, pounding drums, carrying the symbol a few tables of the fire agency by agency or attempting prestigious, articulate people to master the Baoziwan Please cattle, even 80-year-old mane Tiao have to "spring officer" cow classic kneel report it. The cattle master Hou official seat, two classes of the runners Shan Hu "Viagra", the scene is very solemn, dignified.

4, the election cattle, horses selected, installed fire agency. After each fire agency Bureau pervasive, the Baoziwan selected cattle must find a cow in the biggest tip radius (ie Bull), but also to choose a horse for the horse sign, seal sub, rent horses. Hou Guanzhai six clubs the equipment installed fire agency's fire, and her face hit the face of the sub-sub, one of the busy scene.

5, plug Sheqi. After taking office cow lord, if you want to play big fire agency, the first thing to do is plug's flag, club flag inserted in the ground and someone, someone in the ground, "the fate of the child" (that is, playing a large fire agency), local people are no complaints, according to the locals, said:. "wherever he goes under the ground can grow good crops to" wade and swim sub-agency fire is no less wherever he goes.

6, Hou take official. After Sheqi plugged in, the stockade north South Fourth agency will present house ride "Hou official" for the cattle master.

Of course, the villagers here now in order not to affect farming, crops generally do not end up in the child, but to take a classic cow in the yard for the official primary school in the village, located in the official detective, incense, put Peter wood. Couplet is sure to hang paste. The Union is: the right to control one House of the land; the second line is: the rule of law disdain for the people. School majesty the elephant.

7, incense, playing the fire agency. Playing the fire agency, each agency is to go to the temple to burn incense, and each club head are scrambling to burn incense. Incense after start playing the fire agency, but the formal style playing the fire agency is fourth lunar month every year from the beginning to the end of the fifteenth day. Locals say :( see fire agency) late of no end in sight to see as early as the tail. Because playing the local fire agency not only to play white fire agency (ie during the day), but also playing late-night fire agency. Of course, the night club fire must lanterns, hanging clothes, formerly known brand, are indispensable.

8, cattle classic touring messenger. Hou Guanzhai playing the fire agency can not do without power cow classic at hand, it is inseparable from cattle classic fire agency. Former lord parade cow, the letter MA back carrying a gourd. The first time to Zhaizhong messaging, hang gourd piece of charcoal, which means community fire up; the second time, when the messenger prayer flag stuck on the hoist, (letter MA) loud drink "hold the baby out! "; the third time messaging, feathers stuck to vent their spleen on the gourd, meaning that each fire agency office in order, along with classic go.

9, cattle classic touring. Cattle classic touring watching the fire agency, described the official mold officer-like, front first, the letter Ma, Ma brand, followed by followed by silence, avoidance, bergamot, overturned stool, paving the way, the class head but also with the real thing flail, then runners, and led, flanked by nunnery, Canada and India printed MA. "

10 cattle master Shengtang see the fire agency. After setting up the cattle went to master riding a cow Hou official backs down from a cow, Shengtang cheering the runners in the two classes, bustling watching the fire agency. Each agency official Hou walked in front of a good society or attempting eloquence, the identity of the person to give cattle classic report, and then (the fire agency) parade the streets it three times.

Then north south four each community agency fire followed by Hou official. On Baoziwan, yongning Co., Lion Corporation display earlier, while the back is polite social four mutually not out of the way. Fourth lunar month is the turn at four South community wherever he goes, so North Sansha land agency, gantry former club; fifteenth turn wherever he goes in the North three groups, so the community southeast of South Fourth, the former temple society, can not be chaotic sequence strict rules .

Hou Guanzhai playing the fire agency this day, cattle are generally required to master one day fasting, avoid Chugong to avoid loss of power and prestige master. Each community agency at the time of the fire through the trouble of if, babbling, curse, beat, after master speaker to the board to pay, but also a real fight mercilessly. "What village bylaws" provisions: Bust also hit.

11, master of cattle feed. At the end Hou Guanzhai fire agency, each agency also put the cattle back to the classic shangpuzi. As long as the master agreed to the west of the village bridge also possible, which depends on cattle classic mood.

12, summary judgment will be open. The day of the fire agency finished playing, the next day, each community agency is attempting to go on Baoziwan community, wrap-up meeting, carry out criticism and self-criticism, after the meeting, cow classic "Spring officials" considered the task is completed.

According to old Liu Pingan introduced in the Qing Dynasty, the fire agency once a year playing several major fights fights incident occurred. "Different Hou Guanzhai playing the fire agency and other places, called the North-South match in the south four clubs, the north three clubs. Stockade had no Baoziwan on society, Zhaizhong are three clubs of the three groups, often secretly Jiaojin when playing the fire agency , a competition to see who goes home fire agency installed, someone to see who won, gaining the upper hand combative mentality, often leading to friction occurs, some contradictions very much noise, many activities can not be carried out, so prestigious Murakami Homo habilis together to discuss how to solve community leaders to discuss the fire, resulting in the development of a more complete "what village bylaws." so, "what village bylaws" how to implement it? who execution, there must be a binding, so in temple incense on-site case Baoziwan of six community social attempting collective oath, "drink blood for the Union." in feudal society it is a very useful form. "

"What village bylaws" provisions: put Baoziwan as a society. Because the Baoziwan not involved in Hou Guanzhai two factions fight in the neutral position, so he was called to be leaders, called the first community.

In real life, to hold tens of thousands of large-scale activities, no policemen to maintain order is unthinkable, but Hou Guanzhai people alone "cow classic" the soul of the character of the building, an excellent solution to this issue provides an important blueprint for us today to do mass work culture, heritage, development of national culture. In order to ensure social order and the fire, "what village bylaws" strict rules: in the course of playing the fire agency, if there is foreign interference the audience's fire, cattle master power to order the termination of their disruptive behavior, the Lions Club to arrange a room as a room charge, after the end of release, do not pursue. Hou Guanzhai people, give "cow master" to go beyond the social influence of local executive power, "cow classic" is "see the official big one" not bound by any local authority. In the 1950s, a good cadre due to be insulted "cow classic" ordered the board played, reporters still "Chang" the author criticism, but the local government is very clear positive social significance of the matter, not to Hou Guanzhai fire agency to intervene.

The local people, the six clubs stockade on the "boss" - cow master of great respect for authority, of course, the "boss" in dealing with what is a very fair fight is never give a penalty.

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