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  • Guangzhou features snacks shrimp wonton noodle

    Guangzhou features snacks shrimp wonton noodle

  • Xi'an cuisine beef and mutton steamed bun

    Xi'an cuisine beef and mutton steamed bun

  • Guilin Yangshuo West Street

    Guilin Yangshuo West Street

  • Guilin cuisine Quanzhou Braised rice fish

    Guilin cuisine Quanzhou Braised rice fish

Macao city of dreams virtual aquarium

2017-12-27Aix XinLe91

Macao city of dreams virtual aquariumMacao city of dreams is an abstract virtual aquarium experience effect, combined with the real image and 3D animation technology, with its ethereal environment, marine life and charming mermaids, visitors can only enter a water dance show wonderful and em…

Macao Taipa Central Park

2017-12-27Aix XinLe80

Macao Taipa Central ParkMacao Taipa Taipa Central Park is located in Chengdu street, in December 31, 2012 opening. A total investment of 440 million yuan Macao Taipa Central Park, is the government with a large public facilities of Taipa development and improving the living envi…

The history of Macao Dr. Liu Liande gazebo

2017-12-27Aix XinLe87

The history of Macao Dr. Liu Liande gazeboThe history of Macao Dr. Liu Liande gazebo built in 1955, an area of about 2181 square meters. The road is located in Taipa Jialushimiye Scarlett die Templar beside the garden along the slope of trapezoidal design, garden building in white…

Macao Olympic Sports Center

2017-12-27Aix XinLe74

Macao Olympic Sports CenterMacao Olympic Sports Center was completed in February 1997, rebuilt in August 3, 2005 enabled, covers an area of 35585 square meters, suitable for a variety of sports and cultural activities, the track and field to a football game…

Macao Taipa Thean Hou Temple

2017-12-27Aix XinLe77

Macao Taipa Thean Hou TempleMacao Thean Hou Temple is located in Taipa governor Barbosa on the road, the temple was built in the year has no relevant data can be verified, it is assumed that in the process of seeking the temple, tablets may be artificially destroyed…

Macao cross Garden

2017-12-27Aix XinLe86

Macao cross GardenMacao cross garden is located in Taipa Park, completed in 1955. Macao is now eight of the "longhuan Portuguese charm" which is part of the design for a staircase shape along the slope, with pink and white pigment, with Portuguese color…

Macao Morrison Church

2017-12-27Aix XinLe289

Macao Morrison ChurchThe church is located in the East Macao Morrison foundation permanent cemetery in Xinhui site boundary. Built in 1821, rebuilt in 1922, Macao is the oldest Christian missionary…

Macao Kart dromo, De Coloane

2017-12-27Aix XinLe94

Macao Kart dromo, De ColoaneRing road go kart (Kart dromo, De Coloane, also known as Shek Pai Wan go kart) reclamation area is located in Macao Road, Shek Pai Wan ring across the country park, a city of taipa…

Chongqing Large round hole National Forest Park

2017-11-20Wes lee15

Chongqing Large round hole National Forest ParkChongqing Large round hole National Forest Park is located in Yongxing Town, Jiang Jin District, 60 km from Jiang Jin city, 118 kilometers Chongqing City. Southeast wind with national spots "surrounded by mountains," the sea, blending the ancient town o…

Dasan Bamboo Sea National Forest Park

2017-11-20Wes lee17

Dasan Bamboo Sea National Forest ParkDasan Bamboo is located in the beautiful scenery of the area north of Yongchuan Dasan Bamboo district offices, 56 km east of Chongqing urban area, 50 km west of Dazu Rock Carvings, 271 km away from Chengdu, 72 km south of Luzhou, scenic area of ​​117 squa…

Chongqing Zhongshan Old Town

2017-11-20Wes lee15

Chongqing Zhongshan Old TownZhongshan is located in the south of Jiangjin shoots Creek River area, 56 kilometers south of Jiang Jin City, District, Chongqing City, 96 kilometers east of Qijiang County, about 50 kilometers north of Xishui 90 km west of Sichuan Luzhou 120 km. Sichuan,…

Yellow water National Forest Park

2017-11-20Wes lee55

Yellow water National Forest ParkHuang Township is located northeast of Shizhu, 240 km away from the main city of Chongqing, 63 kilometers from the county seat pillars, 30 kilometers from Chongqing, Hubei, fish Izumiguchi the junction, 26 kilometers away from Shanghai-Chengdu expressway,…

Changsha Yuelu Mountain scenic area

2017-11-17Aix XinLe18

Changsha Yuelu Mountain scenic areaYuelu Mountain scenic area of ​​35.20 square kilometers, including the Foothills area, Tianmashan area, Orange Island area, Taohualing area, Shi Jialing area, stockade Ridge area, the Lake, salty Kingswood attractions such as the eight scenic spots. Plann…

Changsha Orange Island area

2017-11-17Aix XinLe18

Changsha Orange Island areaOrange Island area is located in the Xiangjiang River in Changsha city, across from the Orange Island Bridge and over 1 km from Changsha city center, Orange Island terrain flat, located in the center of the Xiangjiang River water; up to 5 kilometers at it…

Changsha Lushan Temple

2017-11-16Aix XinLe36

Changsha Lushan TempleYuelu Changsha, Hunan Province, Lushan Temple is located halfway up the mountain, is one of the oldest temples in Hunan Province. Left Pro breeze Gap and Stephen Crane, backed by Pitt false peaks, including the temple gate, the main hall and apse of three…