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Changsha Weishan National Scenic Area

2023-02-22Aix XinLe

Weishan National Scenic Area is located in the western Ningxiang, located in Ningxiang, Taojiang, Anhua junction of three counties, towns and units including Weishan, yellow wood, alleyways, Sha Tin, Huangcai reservoirs, scenic planning area of ​​190 sq. km, the area has a population of 15.8 million people. 40 km from the scenic Ningxiang County, 58 km away from Changsha City, is a set of Buddha, vacation, leisure, adventure in an integrated tourist attractions, points Weishan Buddhist Cultural District, the Qingyang Lake Recreation Area, yellow wood bronze Cultural District , terra cave tourist areas such as the four scenic spots. In 2007 a provincial-level scenic spots, in 2012 and approved as a national scenic area.

Changsha Weishan National Scenic Area

Scenic rich local specialty products. Weishan unique series of food from its origin, good growth environment, good quality, good taste. Weishan Tippy, Weishan tofu, Zuta Seven pepper, Weishan bacon, yellow wood dried fish and all kinds of game, vegetables and other visitors won the favorite.

Changsha Weishan National Scenic Area

Weishan tours ecological tours, cultural tours, but also the Red Brigades. Weishan Scenic Area has become the Changsha City "back garden" and Hunan tourism and leisure resort.

Changsha Weishan National Scenic Area

Scenic Area Address: Changsha City Ningxiang Weishan County

Car lines: by bus to Ningxiang in Changsha city, then transferred to the scenic minibus

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