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Macao Kart dromo, De Coloane

2023-02-23Aix XinLe

Ring road go kart (Kart dromo, De Coloane, also known as Shek Pai Wan go kart) reclamation area is located in Macao Road, Shek Pai Wan ring across the country park, a city of taipa. The racing track covers an area of fifty thousand square meters, a total length of 1.25 kilometers, 8 meters wide, can be composed of six kinds of change. And the sites of international B standard, can hold some international events. In addition, there are special children racing field and Front Gate, especially for more than 5 years old, 1.2 meters tall or childrenunder.

Macao Kart dromo, De Coloane

Provide car rental service and storage yard. Cost of 100 Macao dollars for 10 minutes, 25 minutes of 200 Macao dollars, 800 Macao dollars for 1 hours. High power adult truck is nine horsepower, speed up to 90 km. For children is three horsepower, only more than 30 kilometers per hour. And the race car is a 45 horsepower six speed gearbox manual car, up to 200 kilometers per hour. In addition to rental car, the car must also provide service and car arrangement.

A car built by the Portuguese government, completed in 1996. Starting in late June 1999, by the Macao racing entertainment company's Macao motor took over the management of Sporting Club Hotel. In 2003, after, to build a barrier, so the game more secure.

Scenic spots: Macao Road, Shek Pai Wan ring


Bus lines: In Macao by bus to 21A

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