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Hong Kong Victoria Harbour

2023-02-04Aix XinLe

Victoria Harbour referred to the harbor, the harbor between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula is located in the HKSAR. It is the first in Asia, the world's third largest seaport. Since the deep water port, a natural harbor, Hong Kong hence the "Pearl of the Orient", "three natural harbor in the world" and "the world's three Night" reputation. The name of Victoria Harbor from the British Queen Victoria. Free access all year round. Early Chinese and English have been ports in East Asia have become excellent potential, and later won the Hong Kong from the hands of the Qing government to develop its Far East maritime trade business. Victoria Harbor has affected Hong Kong's history and culture, dominated Hong Kong's economic development and tourism, is one of the key Hong Kong as an international metropolis.

Hong Kong Victoria Harbour

Victoria Harbor is a long coastline, north and south sides of the numerous attractions. Hong Kong Island has both a land full of high-rise buildings and has become a landmark in Hong Kong HKCEC modern, there have nostalgic Star Ferry Pier (dismantled); Kowloon, Hong Kong Museum of Art and there are Hong Kong Space Museum. Victoria Harbor during the day blue sky, clear water, boats and ton ships out of the harbor without disturbing each other, to the night will be more bright lights, to create a "Pearl of the Orient" magnificent night scene. Hong Kong has a variety of sightseeing boat at sea, where the most popular Star Ferry. Star Ferry mainly between Central, Wan Chai and Tsim Sha Tsui tourist spots such as downtown, has been the United States, "National Geographic Magazine" as one of "Life 50's must see attractions."

Hundred years, the role of Victoria Harbor far beyond a normal port. Victoria Harbor area, in the center position and topography for both Hong Kong, it is an important natural resource of Hong Kong, Hong Kong is also a part of life, every day millions of people across the north and south sides; economically, it has the world's busiest container ports, Hong Kong witnessed the changes in the trade, economic and tourism; culturally, as well as on both sides of Victoria Harbor Victoria Harbor construction, development, tidbits, news, right and wrong and festive events affecting the history and culture of Hong Kong, as Hong Kong, an international metropolis continue to add CLS and charm.

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Hong Kong Victoria Harbour

History Victoria Harbor

It has always been a major waterway, the ancient Central Plains army stationed there at the time. But Hong Kong in 1840 was only a small fishing village of 5,000 people, about the ancient harbor of the few written records. According to the history books say, the Song army has been left behind to protect trafficking by sea at the time of merchants and salt.

During the Qing Dynasty, the British saw the Victoria Harbor has become the largest port in East Asia excellent potential, do not hesitate to Opium War to win the Hong Kong and its excellent port, to develop its Far East maritime trade, and to prevent other powers at the time of possession the strategic importance of excellent deep-water port, opened a Hong Kong became a British colony's history.

The name of Victoria Harbor from the British Queen Victoria. She is the oldest British monarch reign, reigned for 63 years (1837-1901), she is a British reign powerful "sun never sets Empire" period, the UK's economic and cultural unprecedented prosperity. Queen ascended the throne just three years, Britain will launch the first Opium War in 1840, the same year forced the Qing government to sign the unequal and Britain "Treaty of Nanking." In 1841, the British occupied Hong Kong Island. In 1860, after the Second Opium War, the Qing government to sign the unequal treaties with the United Kingdom "Beijing Treaty", in January 1861, British forces occupied the Kowloon Peninsula, the same year in April, the harbor between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula, to the Queen was named for the Victoria Harbor.

After the British occupation of Victoria Harbor, on the south shore (Hong Kong Island) gradually built beautiful buildings and streets, Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong Island side is so beautiful, and then the rest of Hong Kong's style is very different, so that there was Western Encyclopedia published by the State to a land area of ​​Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor shore of error is called the capital of Hong Kong until the printed encyclopedia is still in the 1970s had this to say now there is no such reference.

Hong Kong Victoria Harbour

In 1900 he published "Encyclopedia Britannica", the harbor is described: Hong Kong Victoria Harbor or often gives the impression of a dynamic, within a day had up to 240-gun salute airing, the capital of "Victoria "population of over 166,000, of which 6,000 are European or American. Opium is the economic lifeline of Hong Kong is still this town, because there is no manufacturing industry in Hong Kong.

Today, Hong Kong and Victoria Harbor, had not the former trafficking opium trade in Hong Kong. The name of Victoria Harbor, is China's modern history semifeudal and semicolonial mirror. Recalling the century-old British Hong Kong to bring Western culture, science, technology, management systems, economic growth and urban prosperity, these changes are reflected in the face of Victoria Harbor 100 years, shaping a beautiful Victorian scenery today port.

Scenic Area Address: harbor between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula

Bus routes: Take 1,1A, 2,5,5A, 5C, 6,6A, 7,8,8A, 8P, 9 to get off Tsim Sha Tsui pier.

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