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Guilin local specialty Guilin sambo

2023-01-27Aix XinLe

Guilin three Huajiu

Guilin three Huajiu is representative of Chinese rice flavor liquor, known as the king of wine, Guilin pride. Guilin three Huajiu its long history, unique technology, high quality and much Chinese and foreign tourists. Guilin three Huajiu osmanthus mountain is taken, the Li drain water brewed. Ancient assess the quality of wine, often shaking the bottle of wine, wine plays and how much lasting situation given level. The more hops, the longer the duration, is the top grade. The best wines can be stacked three flowers. Guilin three Huajiu dare to "three flowers" to name, we can see how high the quality.

Guilin local specialty Guilin sambo

The reason why the three Huajiu quality, in addition to employing clear clear blue, no smell of impurities Li River water quality rice, koji selection of related, but also because of the unique cool storage conditions Guilin caves formed, only to the wine alcohols and aromatic quality even more. Connoisseurs made a "honey elegant entrance soft cotton, I cool down the Lie, the recollection of Yee Cheong," the evaluation, it is an affirmation of the three Huajiu.

Guilin three Huajiu legend

a long time ago, there was a Guilin three flower girl, she grew up eating sweet-scented osmanthus grew up, no matter where she went, she always sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance released into the atmosphere. Three flower girl in love with a wine industrious young man, young man determined to mankind the most alcohol brewing the most delicious wine. For this desire, he traveled to the mountains of Guilin, the Lijiang River travels to both sides, to find a strange herbs do superior koji. Lijiang foam flying, scattered Mitsue of snow. Three flower girl quietly standing Lijiang River, hard waiting.

Later, she turned into a beautiful peaks. Just when the girl turned into a mountain, Lijiang River on both sides of sweet-scented osmanthus in full bloom, red osmanthus, Kim yellow, white and silver Gui. Yingui a symbol of purity, Kim symbol of happiness, Osmanthus symbol of fiery love ......

Finally one day, the young man back the vanilla, made a superior wine song, but he was sad to see the beloved Three flower girl has turned into a statue of the eternal edge of Lijiang. Sad young man wine song thrown into the Lijiang River. Suddenly drunk Lijiang River, the river turned into a fragrant wine, spewing pearl-like hops. Since then, the Lijiang River on both sides of the common people, all drink the mellow taste of Guilin three Huajiu.

Guilin fermented bean curd has a long history, is quite well known, is one of the traditional specialty "Guilin Sambo." Far in the Song Dynasty, Guilin fermented bean curd is very famous. Guilin fermented bean curd making process fine rigorous, from refining, shaping the filtered, pressed dry, mold has a set of selection is also very particular disorder. Made a small piece of fermented bean curd, soft texture and smooth, transparent surface orange, delicious scent, nutrient-rich, increase appetite, help digestion, the foods, but it is also enjoy Ren sauce. Do suckling pig, pork, dog meat, Pork, poached chicken, are fermented bean curd is appropriate as an ingredient, fragrant.

According to legend, Guilin Yokoyama fermented bean curd originated in the village of Lingui four Tangxiang. Yokoyama village of fermented tofu tasty, is a bit different, you see people doing Yokoyama village of fermented bean curd, a bottle of which should put a little ginger, star anise, plus a leaf dumplings. Why is this? Originally, dumplings leaf can be covered ginger star anise, to be sealed plus wine, spices would not float, and more importantly, the smell of fermented bean curd dumplings leaves immersed in. Bottles and bottles of fermented bean curd, sealed stored in a cool dry place 4-6 months you can eat. The surface of the bean curd was clear gum this time, Huang Shuang color, fragrant.

Guilin chili sauce

Guilin, Guilin chili sauce and three Huajiu, together known as the "Guilin Sambo" Guilin fermented bean curd. Guilin chili sauce a unique flavor crown pressed masses, popular not only domestic, but also sell well in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong and Macao, Guilin chili sauce because the ingredients are different and have different varieties. With ingredients as garlic is garlic chili sauce. Then add Dougu become Dougu chili sauce, usually made of high quality red pepper, minced garlic top, stir in black beans, add three Huajiu and fine salt, etc., sealed into the altar, after a few months into the beginning. Run Guilin chili sauce spicy, aromatic and delicious, you can eat to taste, but also for seasoning.

Guilin chili sauce practice:

1, the ripe red peppers washed with water after drying, no oil in the case of the board wash chopped fine, as fine as possible.

2, chili pepper chopped fine end into a large bowl, by 0.5 kg of pepper, garlic kernel 200 grams, 50 grams of salt, 50-100 g proportioning three Huajiu.

3, chopped garlic, pepper, and at the end, salt, Huajiu three together, mix well. 1-2 days drying in the sun, it sauce of natural and then loaded into a clean glass jar large. A small amount of sauce on the surface and then into three Huajiu, reclosable bottle. In good weather the sun, it can open the bottle in the sun, avoid stirring, so as to avoid acidic taste. The sauce usually processed on adequate ventilation sunny place, so it can be made out of high quality fragrance chili sauce.

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