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Guilin local specialty Lijiang silver tea

2023-01-27Aix XinLe

Silver Needle tea is the Lijiang River in Guilin, Guangxi Tea Research Institute is located in Guilin Yao Mountain based on favorable ecological environment, the choice of Fuyun VI, VII blessing cloud, Fuding cents, Lingyun pekoe tea and other national fine tea varieties the fresh shoots for raw materials, successfully developed in the late 1980s color, smell, taste, shape and taste of the famous specialty tea, by the year 1991 Zhejiang international tea Culture Festival Award for excellent product.

Guilin local specialty Lijiang silver tea

Silver Needle tea is characterized by its quality: appearance full Phi alms like needles; aroma fragrance lasting, most refreshing taste of fresh, resistance brewing, liquor color clear, bright Yedinenlv. Silver Needle tea picking Li River before and after the annual Qingming, to a early bud development-oriented, picking tender standards, uniform, clean, complete, do not pick five, namely rain and dew bud, bud worms, slender buds purple bud, bud incomplete mine.

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