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Guilin local specialty Oiled paper umbrella

2023-01-27Aix XinLe

Yangshuo painted fans Bolstered by beautiful landscapes, the content expanding, ever-changing, constantly perfect skill and famous. 70s painted fans only one side of a simple landscape painting scenery alone, and now has developed into a painting front, back poetry and art painted fans, and the screen from a single collection of landscape painting developed into a landscape, flowers and birds, bucolic, beauty ladies, different content and style of the painted screen gallop beast and so on. Center back fan inlay book capital "blessing" or "life" or "quiet" and so on, on both sides of the landscape chant poems Wu Mai "Semiotic, Yangshuo, Guilin, called A, the reflection peaks floating mountain, the mountain water without not ecstatic "with Han Yu" with water as Seira mountain as Jade Hairpin, "the famous poem and landscape poetry Zhu Xi and Zhang Ji Quan Xue Counsels, etc., and stamped" Guilin "," Yangshuo memorial "," the Kingdom picturesque "," Guilin, Yangshuo "fine seal printed, painted fans set the poetry, calligraphy, painting, carving a whole, with poetic elegance. Painted fans with bamboo bone, polished playing paint, shiny Gu Pu; there are pictures painted on rice paper, but also for the end of white silk.

Guilin local specialty Oiled paper umbrella

Yangshuo painted fans content is very rich and varied. But the most favored by domestic and foreign visitors are guests, "Guilin", "Yangshuo scenery", "Lijiang River King clusters" and other ink. Benefits town farmer painter Mo Zhong Mao "mountain not sangrakwol", with its sophisticated ideas, profound theme, pains in the Mountains of the Moon, inspired Haiwaichizi intense homesickness of nostalgia, many returning overseas Chinese tourism attracted door Buy the painting. A Swedish scholar of the famous scenic spots in Guilin, Yangshuo concentrated in "clusters Lijiang River King," a screen picture fan doubly respected. He said: Lijiang River to Yangshuo artist for the band, with peaks as a chain; mountains and rivers, peak pulse hook lock seamless, Guilin write endless magic. The picture painted fans back together with classical poetry richer artistic Ya Yun, the ancient and the modern, artistic and cleverly combined realistic one; and pains in Chinese brush dotted line style of Chinese painting depicting highlights the historic Chinese culture and national characteristics, which is limited by other developed areas of print and electronic knitting machine match.

In recent years, Guilin has a style garden, play history imitation four beauties. Domestic and foreign guests that Marie glamorous ── Yang Guangxi people, tourists in Guilin, Yangshuo have asked Pursuit track Yang Yuhuan, "Drunken Beauty", "Royal Bathing", "Yuhuan Whitening," "Empress Dowager" and "Simei change my life" and fan paintings are also very popular. American esthetician Jess much lamented "the world landscape in Guangxi ok, Guangxi beauty but also the world's ok! Happens to be a welcoming environment and principles, like the Chinese saying 'beauty more beautiful mountains of water', no wonder Yangshuo painted fans ok".

Many foreign friends respect China's ancient Wen Ming and ancient culture, they are looking to China to visit China's natural landscapes, ancient Pu Fengfan, folk, ethnic culture, Yangshuo painted fans is based on this purpose from the choice of materials used bamboo, rice paper silk damask for pieces, hand-painted brush ink painting, people painting sights, history and culture is the soul, the unique national characteristics, and to enter the international tourism market and increasingly prosperous.

Today, less than 30,000 people in Yangshuo County, about 3,000 people engaged in painting and calligraphy mounted describe engraving process. Welfare has become a town painted fans town, more than 100 self-employed production of painted fans; Campbell Township became Shan Gu township, Shan Gu has more than 2,000 people engaged in the production; run from two county tourism vocational school of art, so far it has trained thousands of art , technology, tourism and service personnel. The Yangshuo Yangshuo painted fans and the entire series of tourism products have a strong production and reserve force, Yangshuo painted fans walking into millions of households the world.

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