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Fun ancient city of Xian four days spent 800 yuan Raiders

2023-02-01Aix XinLe

Fun ancient city of Xi'an four days spent 800 yuan Raiders

first day

Tickets: 0 Cuisines: $ 30

Foot walls, about 3.5 hours. Clockwise direction, starting from the south gate, turn after Suzaku door, do not screen doors, Hanguangmen, Simon, Yuxiang Gate, North Gate, Suntech door, Zhongshan Gate, East Gate, Jianguomen, Peace Arch, Wenchang door Wait.

Xi'an Night

Bypassing the bell tower downtown, turn a few bends, to sleep Lane, is easily looked Grand Mosque. And great learning as Lane mosque, unknown guarding Hui. Years of change, change of dynasties, have not seen downtown. Today, they are one guarding Islamic culture, a wonderful history guarding, guarding the antique city of Xi'an.

A book, a cup of tea, a world, a reader's paradise belong. Muslim Street in front of a bustling old houses stood, looked plaque second place and the second, the full spectrum of furniture, hanging couplets traditional houses. Private school, I imagine, a group of children, sitting back, holding the classics, reading the Yaotouhuangnao; in the boudoir, in those days belong to parents Meishuozhiyan, the marriage of Miss Gao also resign to his fate. She can do may be just standing on the second floor, he opened the window, who loved fantasy hearts.

Hui's two most famous mosque, sleep Lane mosque and the Grand Mosque learning.

Came to Xi'an, Muslim Street is a must visit, into the general Muslim Street to visit most of the day, have lunch and then come out, there are many Muslim Street tasty snacks, recommended two, the stone house and given small crisp meat buns . Muslim Street as well as a range of goods, Tang Chaoshi female, Terracotta Warriors and other kinds of Ji Nianpin dizzying, just look very happy.

Da-Yan Tower

The next day: Recommended itinerary Big Wild Goose Pagoda - Shaanxi History Museum - Qujiang

Tickets: $ 0

Xi'an city is the seat of the story, the protagonist of the story is the most dazzling Tang Dynasty. From Taizong Li Shimin since, starting with the Daming Palace forged origin, when a fire Huang Chao, Zhu Wen carry away the last emperor of Tang moved to Luoyang, belonging to slowly came to an end the era of the city.

Big Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi'an will travel to the ground, there is Asia's largest musical fountain. Big Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi'an is the most fun place to listen to opera (opera Grand View Garden), look at the fountain (Yanbei Square), the list of national treasures (Shan Bo). Yanbei Fountain Square every day at noon and evening open on time, the Shaanxi History Museum are a lot of people queuing up all year round, it is recommended to go in the morning 8:30 per line.

A man in Qujiang, will inevitably give birth to a lot of emotion. Standing on the bridge, watching the boats in the distance, playing the crowd. Occasionally rushing boats, lake water suddenly splashed up on the shore came the cheering visitors, but kind of pleasure, perhaps only driving assault boats people understand. Qujiang edge of the least lack of love, a pair of lovers everywhere; I have even seen in the newspaper, "Qujiang eye" romantic marriage proposal, when the "Qujiang eye" up to 150 meters high when her boyfriend proposed to her on one knee, holding flowers in her tears in his eyes, on the ground Qujiang staff are cheering, heard in the distance Jeff Chang's your man ......

Hua Qingchi

Day: Route recommended Terra Cotta Warriors - Hua Qingchi - Lishan - Lintong Museum

Look up and down five thousand years to go to Xi'an, and Xi'an not miss the most is the Terracotta Army. "Fen VI, apart from strong, vibration-long policy and within Volver, swallow two weeks died princes, and to fulfill the supreme system Liuhe, Executive Park to flogging knock the world, Wei Zhen universal ......" Qin dynasty already gone, leaving the world attention, known as "the eighth wonder of the world," the terracotta warriors and horses. It is living in Lintong, it has become Xi'an, Shaanxi, China and even synonymous.

People who have been, it mixed; people who have not been to, it fascinated. But without exception, will be the incomparable underground corps, he witnessed the moment in deep shock.


1, 306 Terminal Station Square, directly to Terra Cotta Warriors, Hua Qingchi is recommended to go, go terracotta warriors and horses, can guarantee a seat back to Xi'an. 2, Warriors and Horses Museum scenic ticket from quite a distance, if in a hurry, it is recommended to consider electric vehicles. 3, buy student tickets friend, be sure to bring your student card, it will go through three security checked and go after.

Since ancient times, Hua Qingchi is to visit the Holy Land, Zhou Qin and Han dynasties Sui and Tang emperors built here over the palace, and the most famous than Tangchao Xuan Zong emperor and Yang Yuhuan Aifei her romantic love.

Red Feizixiao a ride, no one knows is to litchi. Today the Hua Qingchi, has been difficult to find traces of the Emperor, leaving only a lonely Royal, Royal Bathing a statue, attracting the world sought offspring. Both men and women, posed for pictures of countless, it appears that Royal is not lonely, lonely just reign only.


Day Four: The route recommendation Revolution Park - Eighth Route Army in Xi'an office - Only park - Zhang Xueliang Memorial - Jiang Jieshi palace northwest

Tickets: 5 yuan

Modern history is not a jump ring, red ruins in Xian also relatively high. Because the city have occurred shocking "Xi'an Incident", many sites do not reflect a single party, the theme of cooperation mostly tend to the KMT.

In addition to the northwest palace Jiang Jieshi, other attractions are free. Only park, Zhang Xueliang Memorial Tickets with valid documents to enter; the Eighth Route Army offices are required to register in the sights door. Revolution Park, drive straight on the line.

Jiang Jieshi once heavily guarded palace, visitors have been several times now opened a mysterious veil. Chiang Kai-shek secret cave, which is unusually cool, but stay too long, there will be the feeling of lack of oxygen. Today you can still see the year's conference rooms, offices, bedrooms, but it seemed so simple. The most beautiful landscape is a symbol of love, even the rationale for Song Jiang trees, tree known as the "Chiang Kai-shek tree", cypress known as "Mei Ling tree."

Legend said that when Jiang Jieshi and General Zhang Zhizhong closeted in gazebo when Japanese aircraft bombed, while pavilion was left intact. Standing on the viewing kiosk, a distance Zhongnanshan, beautiful scenery.

Xi'an instant five-day trip is about to come to an end, the last day packed their bags, we shopped in Xi'an humanities Square, monuments, landscapes. The last day, we might come to the mall downtown and feel of a modern Xi'an, to the family with some Ji Nianpin, you can also use the rest of the cost to add their own a scarf, you can also go to a movie, to Xi'an line painted on the successful close.

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