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Where to play in winter. Changsha tai wai shan ski self-drive tour guide

2023-02-02Aix XinLe

Skiing is popular in northern Europe and leisure tourism projects in China, tourism, leisure, sports, entertainment, fun and excitement, joy, winter is the most popular holiday leisure projects.

Where to play in winter. Changsha tai wai shan ski self-drive tour guide

Liuyang City Ying Feng Changsha skiing field is five provinces of South Africa's first ski field, is the South's largest ski field and China the southernmost ski field! Now don't need to go to the South as far north as Liuyang Daweishan can make you hot "Snow" boiling.

Ski resort covers an area of 100 thousand square meters, surrounded by hills, dense forests, snow, including early, middle and senior professional level, snow road, snow ring road; with skiing, snowboarding, snow bike, snow circle, snowmobiles and other projects. Snow road, a total length of nearly 2000 meters, the width of 200~350 meters, can accommodate about 3000 people at the same time the snow entertainment activities, one-day reception capacity of up to million people.

Admission ticket:

Skiing Monday to Thursday 230 yuan /90 minutes

Skiing Friday to Sunday, holidays 260 yuan /90 minutes

At present, there is no tickets for children (child ticket price), the size of the price.

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