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Chongqing Lohan Temple

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Lohan Temple located in Yuzhong District National Road, is one of the focus areas of Han Buddhist temples nationwide. Chongqing Buddhism Association. Lohan Temple built in the Northern Song Zhiping years (1064--1067), formerly known Zhiping Temple. Temple because Luohandong built. "Xiu spots mind" set: "Zhiping Temple ...... Rohan, congenital two holes, both ancient cave." Luo Hansi more than 20 meters long Buddha in the rock, there Mo Yan Song Dynasty stone Buddha statues more than 400, of which, like Nirvana Reclining Buddha (commonly known as "sleeping Buddha"), Avalokitesvara and support portrait and so on, the style is quite close to Mount Baoding stone.

Chongqing Lohan Temple

Lohan Temple main hall, there are many Buddhist art treasures, Venerable sixteen statues, that is 16 of the best student achievement Sakyamuni Buddha; the "Western Trinity" as the Ming Dynasty bronze, Myanmar's "Sakyamuni into the Road Buddha ", copying murals in India," palace Buddha monk map ". Temple House store the Tripitaka Buddhist scriptures, Sanskrit and Tibetan classical and ancient calligraphy and painting, mostly Tang and Ming dynasties treasures. A total of 524 in the Ocean Hall statues, are like clay. Its shape and delicate sophistication, an air of realism, often men and women now, a few silent Lohan to measure good and bad fortune.

Lohan Temple dates back to the Northern Song Zhiping years (1064 Year - 1067) or even earlier. According to "Xiu scenic record old records," it reads, "Temple stone 'Nishiyama Buddha' words, next month name engraved pioneer ancestors. Progenitor month, when Song Zhiping also monk." Progenitor month Dharma Master mountains, and to Zhao Song Yingzong Shu's reign named "Zhiping Temple." However, in the Qing Dynasty dragon Lin "offering repair quote scripture library" in the "ring temple with Qingchi, straight into the shixia, since the Tang Dynasty, Diange Cui Wei, Chu Chen Jiong table" of the text proposed the "Tang said."

Two versions of what right and wrong, has not test. But this is not important, important is that this temple has gone through thousands of years of wind and rain is still strong incense.

Chongqing Lohan Temple

Lohan Temple lost more than just the history of this jungle! In the thousands of years of wind and rain, a few Hing a few Lohan Temple waste, rise and fall several times, as if all these historical linger Fine, gradually dispersed, leaving only a few pieces of history so that future generations upset.

Ming Xuande (1426 --1435 years), a monk name Xi Um, the construction of a monk's cell, rooms, Hasuike, to welcome guest in the Western Buddhist rock barren piece of land. After a dormitory sunflower seed, aryl clean and elegant, so called white sunflower monk Xi Um. Jiajing first year to build Buddha rock.

Kangxi five years (1666) rebuilt Governor Li Guoying, seventeen years of Qianlong (1752) rebuilt.

In 1912, following the release Haiqing repair Hodo, quit hall, meditation room, living room, etc. View Church, Lohan Temple a larger scale.

"Luo Hansi" takes its name from the Qing dynasty, eleven years (1885), the then abbot monk Long method to emulate the form of new capital Baoguang Temple Sichuan Ocean Hall at the temple built five hundred Arab Luohantang, thus, benefit Lohan Temple name Akira.

Ocean Hall's rise and fall, from a reflection of the Lohan Temple of ups and downs. During the war, in July 1940, Japanese planes bombed Lohan Temple, the monastery turned into a scorched earth, the only remaining large gate and Buddha carved rock group portrait. Soon, more than twenty Japanese monks braved gunfire, and began to rebuild Lohan Temple Ocean Hall in ruins, to 1947, under the auspices of the Master were immortal, hall, Canon House, Ocean Hall, etc., and Torii gate is restored.

During the Cultural Revolution, Red Guards broke into the Ocean Hall, Five hundred Arhat playing pieces, and even the placement of the base also like Rohan been broken to pieces. That era, what religion, what Buddhism, what is sacred, what history, what dignity, all in a time of surging youthful Red Guards, the subversion was discredited by a few, fragmented, not to mention five hundred only represent a certain spirit sculpture meaning.

Just when the Red Guards to catch the stairs, ready to destroy the main hall, stairs suddenly cut off. Some people arrived in time to prevent a more thorough destruction. Now talk about this spread in the community's past, Lohan Temple believers are more willing to believe: This is the Buddha Vision.

May 1, 1986, ushered in another ceremony Lohan Temple millennium history. After two years of remodeling, Ocean Hall is open again. In the same day as the ocean's five hundred light open meeting law held, elders, Buddhists from the mountains of Sichuan, three hundred people, at that time under the auspices of President of the Buddhist Association of Sichuan Province, Chengdu Wenshu wide abbot Master Lin, common prayer Dharma eternal world peace.

Car lines

Address: Chongqing Minzu Road Lohan Temple Street, Central District 7

Car lines: 4015 can take the tram or bus 103,104,105,111,112,122 and 105 sightseeing passage (outer ring) to the vehicle may be

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