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Chongqing Baisha old town

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Jiangjin District, Baisha town, located in the Yangtze River, 72 kilometers away from the main city of Chongqing. An area of ​​237 square kilometers. Known as the "Tianfu town", "East Sichuan cultural city" reputation, is the first historical and cultural towns in Chongqing. Baisha town has a long history, as early as the Eastern Han Dynasty, there are populated, the formation of the village, during the Tang Dynasty was built in this Daishoji, after the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing generations, both towns in this set, the Republic of China this third set Jiang Jin County District Office. After the liberation, there was a 6-year Jiang Jin county seat of government, since 1980, set up Baisha Town People's Government, is a district town.

Chongqing Baisha old town

Research on account of Daishoji reputation for White Sands period in the Tang Dynasty "Xiu Guang Ji", "Taiping" and other volumes, we can see the white sand was also a considerable degree of prosperity. Perhaps also into the town, but was built in what year, what size, pattern, also lost this test. Books can be built in the town's early membership in the Northern Song Dynasty. By the Tsang Shiu, LI De-chang and other "nine domain map" to repair the original Emperor Song Zhao Heng Dazhong Xiangfu six years (1013) the Ancestor Zhao Xu Ning years on (1068 ~ 1077) the rehabilitation of "Yuanfeng nine domain according to . " In volume eight records "Yong Xi four years, Nanping County into Jiang Jin. Jiangjin (Chongqing) south of the state one hundred and twenty, Han Dong, Fu City, Baisha, Changsha, St. bell, Shiyang, jade bar, inspiration , Shek Kwu, Shaxi, Xianchi, flat beaches, caves, the three hammer fourteen towns "can be determined according to the Baisha town was built in the early Yong Xi four years, AD 987 years. Dating back over thousands of years of history.

Yuan set build with the town, according to the late Yuan Shu Ming Yuzhen, Chongqing as the big summer regime have been established, the Jiang Jin instead Guinea Austin town, Baisha Town attendant for the first time to become "ki Austin" of the land. Ming Hong Wu four years (1371), Ming Yuzhen son Mingsheng submission Zhu Yuanzhang, the Ming Dynasty replaced the white sand in Baisha Town. Wanli Emperor Wanli nine years (1581), set the water station at White Sands water station, "Ming Hui Dian" and "Histories side and summary" white sand will stream water station and Bo Yi, Han East Water Station, White Ferry Station and called Jiang Jin four water station.

Chongqing Baisha old town

Qing Dynasty set up inspection division, set build town. After the development in the late Qing Dynasty, which increasingly rely water station highlights the benefits of regional goods distribution hub of role, not only as eastern Sichuan, southern Sichuan a large waterway strategic position, and an important market town of Sichuan, Guizhou and Yunnan on the post road.

Republic of China established the town hall, Jiang Jin Baisha County is the third Corruption, white sand is by virtue of a thriving transport business on the Yangtze River waterway, creating a thriving urban landscape.

November 29, 1949, declared the peaceful liberation of white sand. December of that year, namely the establishment of Jiang Jin County Fifth District Committee, the Fifth District People's Government, under the jurisdiction of white sand, three, several son, River, Yongxing five towns, the regional party committee and the district government are located in Baisha town. April 1951, Jiang Jin county government also brought upon Baisha Town, Baisha town serves as the county seat, is Jiang Jin political, economic and cultural center. Until July 1956 the county to move back to Chengguan town (ie a few Town), Fang returned to the original position. House next month to move out of towns, white sand dismantling a town. 1957 set Baisha Town People's Committee. In 1970 the establishment of the Revolutionary Committee of Baisha town. Since 1980, set Baisha Town People's Government, it is the county town.

Chongqing Baisha old town

Related Attractions

White sand yard, beautiful natural environment. Both along the Yangtze River town, there are streams surrounded by rocks both wrong disk, Iwatani Shenyou, hanging waterfalls, towering old trees of the Chongqing municipal Blackrock Mountain scenic area, there are simple thick, Gu Pu and elegant Ming and Qing Dynasties temples, Jukui College, ancient streets and old Lane, desirable.

Traditional neighborhoods scenic town: in the east of Baisha town, the Yangtze River north of here, South Hill mountains, leaving many traditional houses of the late Qing Dynasty and Western-style temples and part of Western-style house. Bluestone road twists and turns, deep alley amazing. People living in the here and rest, Linlixiangqin close ties, a deep sense of local flavor and history of heavy precipitation, memorable. Town traditional blocks unpretentious architectural style, undulating pleasant street space, the vicissitudes of the houses on stilts, unique natural environment pleasant and beautiful scenic spots, rich historical and cultural connotation, simple folk customs, are important elements of the landscape Baisha town component.

Building type rich: Temple College, Western-style, residential areas, shops building everything, reflects the cultural connotation of each era.

Architectural style harmony: Baisha town's architectural style reflects on the one hand and Western culture into the truck inclusive of immigrant culture, on the other hand by the Bayu area folk influence, while drawing on the characteristics of the north building and micro-garde architecture, reflecting in architectural style, the temple seems Gu Pu, thick; College seem deep, quiet; Western-style is concise, light Ying, traditional houses are simple, extensive. These different styles of architecture organically, not only embodies the historical context, but also combines very natural and harmonious.

Suitable layout: Baisha town buildings, make full use of the mountain hillside, north south high low characteristics, local conditions, but also flexible organic unity. Many houses with the terrain scattered high and low, with the appropriate layout, streets, rocks, random combinations of green, long and winding, full of changes in space, vivid and natural landscape.

Traffic Guide

Scenic Area Address: Jiangjin District, Baisha Town

Car lines: Chongqing Chongqing Chaotianmen take the shuttle up to the River; Caiyuanba car, take a shuttle to Jiang Jin, transfer to Jiang Jin Baisha town shuttle up to the passenger transportation center.

Car lines: Chengdu-Chongqing Ring Expressway - Baisha Town, export - Baisha town to see the direction signs.

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