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Chongqing Longgang National Geological Park

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Longgang National Geological Park is located in Yunyang County, Chongqing Municipality water Tujia village. Kaixian to reach by road Icheon. 75 km from Yunyang County Metro. Geopark is a kind natural beauty.

Chongqing Longgang National Geological Park

Longgang scenic area of ​​300 square kilometers. Scenic unique landforms, cave clouds, peaks and rocks, stalagmites Ferris, male risk handsome, wonderful, colorful, beautiful scenery, is a natural science museum, geological landscape of the Grand View Garden. Longgang which represented sinkhole karst landscape with stalagmites and river canyon landscape as the representative of the main features. Longgang of a diameter up to 350 m, the shortest diameter of 170 meters, 550 meters deep, such as cutting cylinder walls, lying Bifeng pine, Guteng Daochui, Bottom Tucui seasons, birds contention oval doline. As a result of a natural stone cylinder-shaped, but also spread the wonderful and legendary lumberjack Dragon love, named after the dragon tank, known as "the first cylinder." Stalagmite River is the most beautiful section of the river in Long Beach, north of cover under the dam, south Shuanghekou a total length of 12.5 km. Karst topography of the canyon landscape. The two sides, such as cutting, cave clouds, stalagmites Ferris, such as the metamorphosis of flying, country girls, Lohan and other kinds of figures, the water pure and bright, rich tortoise, turtle, or a waterfall or fountain, scattered randomly, pines, cypresses, secluded bamboo , fir and other plants blotting out the sun, Huang Jing, Tianma, Fritillaria, berberine and other valuable medicinal herbs mountains and plains, among the Mongolian gazelle, musk deer, yellow deer, golden monkey, wild boar, walk through the forest, golden pheasant, Huang Li, cuckoo, kingfisher, its wild parrot whistled sweetly, Tujia folk songs, dance and waved mini feast for the eyes.

Longgang sinkhole and stalagmites along the river in a transition zone between the eastern Chongqing and Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan and Guizhou uplift fold belt fold belt, the new generation in 6700 years ago, due to crustal uplift, cut down the river, in the physical, chemical and the combined effect of the biological loaded with power, water, dissolution multilayer cave formed crisscross, repeated dissolution erosion - collapse - erosion corrosion - collapsed, the surface of the stone bud, fengcong funnel and three from underground caverns into the system, Ridge Valley relative elevation of over 1400 meters, forming a spectacular karst landscapes and mysterious canyon landscape.

Chongqing Longgang National Geological Park

Related Attractions

The main attractions are the dragon cylinder, Cave, Cave Daan, stalagmites River, crows gorge, Huangling Gap, South Three Gorges.

Longgang sinkhole: afar, Zhuangruo incense burner, when rising Zi Yan, known as the "hearth." Because of large-scale, mysterious, natural, locally known as "sinkhole." Longgang sinkhole on the plane was irregular oval, 304 ~ 326 meters from the long axis, the short axis distance from 178 to 183 meters, a depth of 335 meters, ranking third in the depth of our country, the world's fifth; Long karst sinkhole cylinder pit wall near 90 degrees straight down on this form is "shock the world when special."

Cave: an area of 4,800 square meters, 40 meters high, there Zaoxing realistic dragon bed, Dragon Throne and other daily necessities, but also turned the cave trips dragon, lion, elephant, dragon, phoenix and other images, wonderful, amazing.

Daan hole: a total length of 3,000 meters, the hole sets of holes, connected to nine holes, each hole has a spectacle upside down Golden Monkey, Welcome column, Stand, gold and silver waterfall, Sandbar Beach, stalagmites exhibition, racecourse, art gallery, sea lions shrine Wait.

HUANGLING Gap: total length 16.8 km, cattle Gap wear air whitewater, rapids clouds; Qian Feng Jing show gorge gold, stalagmite Ferris; berberine Gap cliff high cliffs, cave again and again; Huang Ling gorge rocky and dense forests flowers.

Laolongkou Canyon: In the north west of Longgang, located in the territory of mud Township, locals called Conch Creek. Conch River upstream of Lake City for the million Zhang scenic gorge, is another prominent feature of the park canyon landscape. Canyon, under the joint action of running water and karst, underground rivers sometimes sneak into, sometimes rushes surface, forming underground river and demonstrate the wonders of the river appear alternately. Laolongkou canyon, waterfall pool connected Qingying color, boating waves, Qifeng cliffs, rocks Creek waterfall, embracing phase embedded, people in the scene, the scene in humans and fun.

Stalagmite River: a river side of the Yangtze River. This soft and thrilling river, and the river Qingying scene, in deep valleys, rushing winds, or plunging into a waterfall, or water to the lake, or throwing beads sprinkled jade, or the great tide. Canyon, river rock erosion, erosion, rocks carved into weird shape, unique shape of the peaks. This is Mother Nature, this is the magic nature of the creature.

Chongqing Longgang National Geological Park

Related Information

Qishan scenic pasture

Qishan scenic water meadows east Wanzhou, south of Lichuan, if mounted on top of high mountains of the emerald, scenic area of ​​12.5 square kilometers, at an altitude of 1000-1650 meters. Into the pasture, that can be attracted by the green oasis at the vast sky, the blue sky was intoxicated, the face of this nature with its Park to greet our arrival. Here is a natural summer resort, the mountain breeze blowing both with a bit of grass fragrance, but also a bit of a cold spring, dressed in short-sleeved has allowed us to play a few faint shiver.

Dragon Cave Gorge Natural Scenic Area

Dragon Cave Gorge Natural Scenic Area is a national geological park --- part of Yunyang dragon cylinder Geopark, located south of the village of mud Township Association Yunyang County, east Wan Yunfeng Township, south Wanzhou Po Township, West and Wanzhou famous natural scenic gorge Tan roe then throw into confusion, an area of ​​eight square kilometers, an altitude of 195 to 850 and 52 kilometers from the new Yunyang county, 50 km from the main city of Wanzhou, is set forest, canyons, pools, waterfalls, caves, rare plants and animals in one of the streams, natural beauty.

Rabbit ax God the nature bred Dragon Cave Gorge wonders, with a mountain insurance, Gu You, Lin Jing, wonderful water, stone strange, odd holes, fog secret and other characteristics, is a set of eco-tourism health rafting, expedition, leisure, vacation and other functions into one tourist destination. Dragon Cave Gorge Natural Scenic beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, good ecological environment, tourism resources are very rich, diverse, during fog scene, landscape, water features, born King fascinating.

King Fog: Fog is a boutique Dragon Cave Gorge Natural Scenic Sky Landscape whenever storm, tulle drift distance, indistinct, like clouds or sea, round and round like a ball rolling huge floc in the mountains, such as a strip wound Hada in the Mid-levels, the mountains in the clouds, clouds in the fog line, when time is now hidden, even into the clouds, as drunk as Sin, immersive, natural intoxicated, sigh good fortune of nature, enjoy the leisurely life.

Landscape: Dragon Cave gorge natural scenic rolling hills, and towering stalwart, Gu You gorge, the narrowest outstanding less than two meters, the two sides 300 to 500 meter high cliffs on both sides of cliffs, is hundreds of millions of years of water erosion like a picture of one thousand-owned attitudes of beauty, deep narrow thin strip of sky, the two sides overlap vegetation, vines upside down, only listen to the sound of water dripping buzz, far more quiet long empty canyon.

Waterscape: Dragon Cave Gorge canyon water surging, roaring sound of water, during which the tail Lake, Long Lake waist, wulongbei Lake, Long Lake Sun, the leading Lake, Dragon Lake, Long Lake tongue, underwater Lake, Dragon Lake, Dragon waterfall Lake, dragon Lake, dragon heart Lake, Aralia Lake, dragon Bird Lake, dragon King Lake, Long Lake Cave, Long Tao Tam, Tam dragons, keel Tam, Tam dragon, dragon? tom Ding ⒘? throat Tam, Tam Longkou Tan and other twenty-four infinite mystery, when emergency relief canyon when the water potential, drifting down the river, legends and mysterious adventure during which will enable you endless joy.

Health King: Dragon Cave Gorge Scenic Area to the natural pine, willow, cedar, Phoebe, cork oak, silk millet and other plant-based. Perennial verdant, lush foliage; excellent regional ecological environment, wildlife roe, wild boar, monkeys, pheasants, civet cats, foxes, pythons and other extremely rich, is a wild scene, the original of a beautiful nature area.

Long Beach River Scenic Area

Long Beach Scenic River County Yunyang across the water, weir floor, so the tomb three towns, close to Lichuan, Fengjie and other cities and counties, beautiful scenery along the way, known as the south of the Three Gorges in the world. River rafting section is located in Long Beach weir Pingxiang, a total length of 15.8 km, is rich in water resources reserves, development is extremely suitable for rafting.

The topography of the water's sake, river rafting in Long Beach, has a unique style. Sitting in the kayak, sometimes feel rough, waterfalls fun; sometimes feel light waves rippling, microwave pat kayak comfortable; sometimes circuitous flow experience, people with the swing kayak adventure. Crystal enters the kayak Longkou concept, the dragon out saw about a few hundred feet high large walls, mountains standing, smooth as a mirror, there is a cave at Cliff, bottomless, water flooded throughout the year, which is known for Yang Zi Chongqing, Hubei, two embedded, legend, in ancient times, a common local mountain goat eating crops everywhere, do not rush it, they organize themselves to surround and annihilate mountain goat, came to rush, goat got into the cave does not come out, this is God feel a mountain sheep sheep, sheep son inlay hence the name. A sheep son inlay, singing all the way, they came to set odd, dangerous, show in one of Huangling gorge, which is the end of Long Beach, river rafting. Huangling Gap, about 2 km on both sides of steep mountains, like Gap recycling "Kuimen", there are thousands of books, rock stars, huilongsi attractions such as Gap, Gap Gap large sets of small gorge, very beautiful scenery.

Car lines

Address: Yunyang County of Chongqing Municipality Tujia Shimizu Township

Car lines: Chaotianmen by car directly to the Yunyang (Lotus Station), get off the minibus or take a direct hit to the area.

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