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Chongqing Tongyuan Door City Wall Ruins Park

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Far from the door through City Wall Ruins Park is located in Yuzhong District qixinggang, far-door City Wall Ruins Park Department of Yuzhong District in 2004 key construction projects, funded by the Government of Yuzhong District, on April 1, 2004 start, completed in February 2005, the park opened . City Wall Ruins Park through the door far from the square, walls, sculpture composition. Sculpture describes the old fortification walls, the defenders, the story of the siege of history, combined with "fried rice sugar water" and "slider" two sets of folk sculpture, urban rich flavor, is one of the visitors feel Chongqing historical and cultural sites.

Chongqing Tongyuan Door City Wall Ruins Park

Chongqing City, the ancient city gate "nine to open eight closed" were seventeen, should "Jiugongbagua" of the elephant and the building to show "Jinchengtangchi" means. Tong Yuan door located just west of the city of Chongqing is the only land gate, is the starting point of land leading to the field, so called "pass away."

Pass far from the door of the town formerly known as Simon, the base address for the Three Kingdoms Lite four years (AD 226) Shu Li Yan is protecting walls built by Jiangzhou Southern Song Jiaxi years (AD 1238) Peng Daya to fight the construction of the Mongolian cavalry Shiji construction wall. Existing walls and gates to the site early Hongwu, wearing a tripod on the basis of the original city wall built by stone walls. With the changing and turbulent times of war, far from the door through the walls stands a 600 years in the rain, silently witnessed the trajectory of the historical development of the city of Chongqing.

Chongqing Tongyuan Door City Wall Ruins Park

Park 226 years, Shu LIU Chan Lite Three Kingdoms period of four years, most of the nursing care Li Yan shift Jiangzhou (Chongqing), retaining the building Metro, Metro around 16 years, range far from the door through to today. Chongqing through two doors away fierce fighting occurred since it was built, there are related records in the far-door relief: Zhang Jue hang on through the far door. AD 1259, when Mongol Khan Montgomery Diaoyu died, Meng Jun returned to grassland, 1271, Hu Bilie Jianyuan, 1276 demise of the Southern Song Dynasty Lin'an scored. 1278 storm Chongqing, defender Zhang Jue Yuan army to fight, blood spattered on the far door. Zhang Xianzhong breaking through the far door. In 1644, Chong 17 years, peasant rebel leader Zhang Xianzhong of 600,000 cavalry, siege Chongqing. After six days of fierce fighting, and finally break through the far door, occupied East Sichuan fortress. Especially after the war, because too many casualties, so far through the door qixinggang area thus become a "mass grave", which is later "Chongqing Song" in "pass far from the door, gong and drum sound, look bury the dead," describing period Chongqing anecdotes, to now when there Chongqing Hang Jiuling Finger Guessing Game "qixinggang haunted" one said.

Chongqing Tongyuan Door City Wall Ruins Park

So far, through the far door it is one of two remaining gates Chongqing, far from the door and through the walls of Chongqing is the only segment for a more complete preservation of the city wall ruins. Chongqing as the State Council approved the "historical and cultural city", rescue and preservation of historical monuments are particularly important in the development and construction of a new round of city, Yuzhong District Government project on July 16, 2003, formally identified the construction far from the door through the ancient City Wall ruins Park ......

Far from the door and through the ancient city wall ruins located in Yuzhong District, Zhongshan qixinggang a road. The original edge of the city of Chongqing and changes with the expansion of urban history, is now located on the city's main thoroughfares, four highway intersection here, busy every day, crowded with people, vernacular architecture of different historical periods attached to the wall construction. The city under the city marketplace of life leisurely, the guardian of the city's original pass has now become a place people live and work.

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Address: Yuzhong District qixinggang pass far from the door

Car lines: take the bus 109,124,152,268,401,402,405,413,418,461,462,463,465,466,476,601,602,603,871,875,9833 etc. in qixinggang station

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