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Chongqing Huguang Assembly Hall

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Huguang Assembly Hall is located in Yuzhong District, is a community hall was built between the years of Kang Xi, the provincial cultural relics protection units. It includes Guangdong Hall (also known as South Palace), Huguang (also known as Yu Temple) and Qian Gong are located in Yuzhong District Watergate East Yangtze River, the city is the main city of the largest group of ancient buildings Hall, It has a high architectural value, cultural value, historical value, artistic value and tourism value.

Chongqing Huguang Assembly Hall

Historically prosperous business in Chongqing Ming and Qing Dynasties, attracting a large number of foreign businessmen to enter the Chongqing market, especially in Guangdong, Guangxi, Hubei and Hunan and Shanxi, Shaanxi, Fujian, Jiangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou and other provinces businessman. Each business group from the Qianlong period to gradually set up in the city hall. Former Chongqing City's famous "eight provincial hall", has considerable size and economic strength, they are Huguangkuaiguan (also known as Yu palace, the water in the East door), Jiangxi Hall (also known as The Phoenix, the East water door), Guangdong Center (also known as the South China Palace, also in East water door), Shaanxi Hall (also known as three yuan Temple, in the Chaotianmen), Fujian Hall (also known as Tin Hau Temple in Shaanxi Street), the Yunnan-Guizhou Hall (embroidered wall street ), Shanxi Hall (in humans Bay), Celebration hall and so on. Eight provinces Hall of the year, the most magnificent architectural style to the number of deep-pocketed Huguangkuaiguan and Jiangxi Hall. These two Hall and adjacent to Guangdong hall are concentrated in the commercial heart of the eastern half of the city's water under the door, forming a huge building, which is today we are collectively called the Huguangkuaiguan buildings.

Chongqing Guildhall unique architectural style, the beginning of the late Qing Ming is a big attraction in the city of Chongqing. Huguangkuaiguan was built Qianlong twenty-four years (AD 1759), plus expansion of another dynasty, twenty-six years, a total area of ​​8561 square meters, facing south, facing the door sails races of the Yangtze River. According to historical records, the whole building hillside, row upon row, tight structure, imposing, three-part divided into large Yuanmen (temple), Langfang and theater hall courtyard. Hall, theater and Langfang the wood, all from "Chu shipped north, as much investment and work, the fine workmanship, amazing." Chongyanxieshan Basilica for the ceremony, an area of ​​270 square meters, 12.5 meters high, depth 14 m, 16 m wide. And is connected to theater hall, hall, theater Diaolianghuadong, Fenbi color, magnificent. In particular character story rings carved wooden floor in the main hall and theater cornices, carved with "filial piety" and "Journey to the West", "Gods" in the landscapes and flowers and birds, exquisite, lifelike carvings, the screen repeatedly not poor. More spectacular and precious is the hall of Yuanmen building, the door to the wood structure storeyed stone blocks, 6 meters high, 5 meters wide, the stone landscapes, figures and flower and bird designs, exquisitely carved, mix, process is very delicate. Doors on both sides with a pair of stone lions of the civil and military Zhili sea, called the Sichuan stone carving art treasures.

Chongqing Huguang Assembly Hall

Another Guangdong Hall Hall (also known as South Palace), was built in the reign of Emperor Kangxi, and Huguangkuaiguan next. The Hall (residence) as a main structure of the existing layout courtyard. Wall-lined four weeks, 30.5 meters north-south and east-west width of 25 m, the entrance door for the arches, poster three fifth floor. Each floor Qiaojiao cornices, floor Fang Ji, corrugated, dripping and taste. There are two circular grilles. Vertical forehead on the door decorated with curly grass dragon relief latitude and longitude, there are characters, "Guangdong hall" four golden, indicate affiliation and the nature of the building.

Inscription "Nanling visual impact" on both sides of the door and the inscription "Yue Zhi", "Sichuan stagnant water," the Guangdong Center on the door lintel. Theater Hospital at the center, three floors and see the ears hall. Theater is a wooden structure Xieshan light green and yellow glazed tile roof, stage 2.8 meters high, the table top is octagonal caisson Corbel, architrave carved Erlongxizhu, is quite rare dragon, with the use of the two leading different kinds of art processing techniques, leading the Department of sculpture in the round and hollow mouth of the dragon, the mouth contains beads can rotate, dragon bas-relief technique is used to make, Rendezvous carving, vivid, can be called talent. Both sides of the ear floor for the theater concept car, for the patio, from theater to watch over the courtyard full two minutes before the Office of the Office, are hanging-hill Xiaoqing tile roof, beams structure for the seven purlin seven beams. This hall to see the carving is very rich, under the cornice four Juanpeng support arches carved hollow play can be described as exquisite. Ghost engraved, carved mostly God "Gods" content. Also carved Qing officials handling the case plot. Fang wear, play architrave carved into segments, into a plurality of groups relate to play mesh. Long also engraved, cut flowers like pattern. So far glittering sculpture, drama is very precious cultural relics. There are two sides to see the car the amount of plaque word book, one for "Chenghuai", one for "swim head", which means audience plays make broad-minded, enjoy to know world affairs. Guangdong hall the size is not too large, but very beautiful wood carving.

Chongqing Huguang Assembly Hall

Qian Gong is actually Hubei Hall, also known as "Palace of Imperial Lord." Department of Hubei original "Let Agu" membership (now Hubei Huang Gang region) who raise funds to build, built in the Qing Jiaqing years, Qian Gong arrangement in accordance with the layout of the building axis, from bottom to top playhouse, patio, two living rooms, into the hall, main hall, flanked by outbuildings. In the walls of Shimen abuts the visible "Qian Gong as" Engrave four characters, the embedded Menbian blue and white porcelain piece dragon, kept brick wall outside the hospital, stamping "Qian Gong," the words on the tiles.

Huguang Assembly Hall in December 2003 to start repair after repair hall is divided into two functional part of the core zone area and traditional coordination area. Core area with clubhouse culture, immigrant culture as the theme, architectural culture, opera culture supplemented into the historical recovery area, three sections immigrants exhibition area, leisure experience area. Historical restoration area is mainly the original deposit Yuwanggong, Qian Gong by the Guangdong government office buildings and other ancient Ming and Qing; immigrants, mainly through the new exhibition area "Huguang fill in Sichuan" Immigration Museum to show the mighty "Huguang fill in Sichuan" Migration history; leisure experience area by cafes, opera performances, so that people feel the history in the experience of participation. Highlights the following features: The Immigration Museum at the core of heritage conservation, cultural shows, heritage education, heritage research function; to the stage as the core of traditional Chinese opera performances, art performances, theater and cultural exchanges function, leisure ornamental function, public participation feature ; high-grade small meetings, business reception function; to worship Yu-based traditional ritual function; merchandise sales to tourism to complement the tourism services.

Huguang Assembly Hall has now been incorporated into the national three-Construction "area of ​​the Yangtze River Three Gorges Tourism Development Plan" priority list of important tourism projects start to become the development and construction of ten new tourism products. We believe that in the near future Huguang Assembly Hall will be the Yangtze River Three Gorges golden tourist line important historical and cultural attractions.

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Address: Mayor Park Rd No. 1 banana Yuzhong

Car lines: take the 0492 Road 0822 Road bus station at the Huguangkuaiguan

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