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Chongqing Baolun Temple

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Baolun Temple is located opposite ciqikou Guojie Lou, back on the white rock, the face of the Jialing River. Baolun Temple in Shi Yan behind a legacy, it is called "Bai Yan", so the town is also called "Bai Yan town." Located in Chongqing Ciqikou town opposite Guojie Lou, back on the white cliff mountain, facing the Jialing River, because the emperor had sought refuge here, also known as "Dragon Hidden Temple." Existing Temple "Main Hall" soup of four gold characters is chairman of the Buddhist Association Zhao Puchu title. The temple has a long history, folklore that was built for the Weichigong the Tang Dynasty, some people think it was built in the Western Wei (AD 535--556 years). According to the "Palestinian" record that was built in Emperor Song Xianping years (AD 998-1003 years), but in any case, it at least has more 1000 years of history. Legend of the Ming Dynasty Emperor Jianwen Zhu Yunwen was forced to abdicate and was removed when the living to Ciqikou, had been in seclusion for lodging its tetra Yan Wang Zhu Di (later Yongle Emperor). Therefore the temple in the past, also known as Hidden Dragon Temple. The original front of the temple of "Hidden Dragon Temple" large plaque, but unfortunately it has been destroyed. Because the emperor had been in seclusion, past ciqikou also called Hidden Dragon town.

Chongqing Baolun Temple

Baolun Temple, range, wide area, from the Bai Yan until Ma On Shan Tong bridge, temples connected, gilded statues are everywhere, solemn, stone walls engraved with five hundred Arhat lifelike. There are sleeping Buddha statue inside the Ma On Shan, sleep peacefully, sleep comfortably. It was reflected in its sleep like, in which the walls of a poem: "You are to sleep well, a sleep everything, and everyone to sleep, that national security?" Baolun Temple at the Main Hall, the main hall of Sichuan, Guanyin Pavilion, King Hall, drug Dian, Buddhist temple and Canon House. The main hall of the temple encircle the two columns is Coriaria wood, its pillars foot diameter size. The Kon-end architecture combined with a nail. House hold dragon pillars, Fung Mo Fei. The most surprising is the cornerstone of two columns, a column protruding surface Chi Xu, a sunken column a few inches, two columns Ping Heng, no distortion of the situation, described as nature's intricate, called a must. Before Buddha statues have a well, called "let go well", its direct access to the river bottom "nine stone cylinder." Buddha birthday eighth lunar year, Oxfam good good people, buy a duck fish, tortoise turtle released into the well. Things will release the "nine stone cylinder" appears. Baolun Temple top cornices which tile a distance free of other, nearly smooth look back, as are shining a light, a radio sunshine after rain, such as a rainbow across Baolun Temple. Jialing River in the early morning fog, Baolun Temple in even more mysterious. Gele stood overlooking the Baolun Temple, Temple Yoshimitsu flashing, shining firmament. Perhaps this is the legendary "Buddha shine Baolun Temple in" it. There are more than three hundred monks living in monasteries, Buddhist temple over one hundred rooms; foreign monks to learn the many ordained this number.

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Baolun Temple in historical legends

The emperor's arrival, Po more dazzling Buddha Temple, from the wellhead, down to the dam Li Zi are visible. Old and ancient temples layers, dense forests, birds contention, pines and cypresses cover the temple. There are 16 temples, statues 372. Unfortunately, the temple was destroyed in the late Ming and the war, leaving only a main hall. War period, blow up when some of the apse surviving Buddhist temple, also was Japanese bombing of Chongqing.

In the original main hall, there like a Buddha, as the mid-Qing Dynasty statue. Buddha face kind, mouth slightly upward, the body is tall, sitting cross-legged. Modeling solemn and stalwart, lifelike. As long as you enter the main hall worship, there is hope for salvation, a sense of boundless Dharma in heart admire, respect feelings. Although suffered a lot, golden Buddha body is still eye-catching, people admire the Gao Chao artistry of artists in ancient religious sculpture.

Folklore, in the main hall of the Buddha under a flow meter hole. For the temple monks rice, unfortunately was out of a greed of monks, would like to take the meter flow meter flow meter hole is no longer out. As well as air-raid shelter under the legend of Buddha straight Jialing nine stone cylinder flood, if this duck into the cave, and soon you can see the ducks out of the middle reaches of the flood.

In the past, Baolun Temple in large-scale, unfortunately destroyed in the war, after the liberation we had the school, the residents lived, after the reform and opening up, the government relocated the temple schools and residents, and has been earmarked to repair. At present, the temple is presided release the rotor, who are being protected by the construction of Ciqikou and protection plan Baolun Temple.

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Address: Chongqing Shapingba District porcelain Town

Car lines: take the path 202, path 237, path 261, path 467, path 503, 808, passage 220, 843 in the other bus at ciqikou station
Car lines: Chongqing - the Jialing Riverside Road - Shapingba - porcelain mouth

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