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Chongging Bai-di City

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Baidicheng located in the Yangtze River north Fengjie County, Chongqing Qutang mouth of the famous tourist attraction of the Three Gorges. Formerly known as Yangcheng son, as the Western Han Dynasty separatist Shu Gongsun built. Baidicheng is the concept of "Kuimen" the best place. Famous ancient poet Li Bai, Du Fu, Bai, Liu Yuxi, Su Shi, Huang Tingjian, Fan Chengda, Lu have Deng Bai Di, travel Kuimen, leaving a large number of poems, therefore there Baidicheng "Poetry City" reputation.

Chongging Bai-di City

Ship had Fengjie, down the river, overlooking the mouth of Qutang, but see towering hills on the north shore of the Yangtze River, there are blocks of cornices pavilion, nestled in lush greenery, this is the famous tourist resort of the Three Gorges Baidicheng. It is backing one side, surrounded by water, perched high gorge, overlooking the Yangtze River, the momentum is very majestic, the Three Gorges online long renowned tourist attractions. Li Bai "between North Korea speech Bai Di Choi, Trinidad Jiangling day. Monkeys are two sides could not cry, my boat these ten thousand mountains," the poem, it is popular.

Baidicheng name, first appeared in the Western Han Dynasty. When Wang Mang usurped the throne, his hand man, General Gongsun separatist Sichuan. Gongsun in the land of abundance, the influence gradually expanded, ambitious, want to be emperor of myself. He rode up to the Qutang mouth, see the difficult terrain, easy to defend and difficult to attack, they built a city expansion base, to prevent troops. Later, I heard that the city has Gongsun port crane Well, well often puff of white mist, like the shape of a dragon, straight Jiuxiao. Gongsun trick, saying it was "out of the White Dragon Well", he ascended the throne Jackie inevitable sign of the future. So he claimed to Baidi in 25 AD, built the city named "Baidicheng", the mountain also renamed the "elements in White Mountain." In 36 AD, Liu Xiu and Gongsun fight the world, was destroyed by Liu Xiu, Baidicheng also reduced to ashes in the flames. During Gongsun emperor, around the frequent wars, while Baidicheng area has been relatively peaceful, the local people to commemorate Gongsun, specially in Baidicheng construction of the "White Emperor Temple" statue for worship. 

Chongging Bai-di City

Three Kingdoms, Liu Bei defeated retreat Baidicheng, discredited ministers meet, so in the Palace Wing Baidicheng built home, depressed and died shortly before his death and his son Liu Shan Liu Bei entrusted the power to the prime minister Zhuge Liang, known as "Liu Bei Tuogu." To Ming, Gongsun statue is to move away, to be replaced as Liu Bei. There temple Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhuge Liang statue, but the "White Emperor Temple," the name still in use. Baidicheng Baidi temple now within a plastic Liu Bei Tuogu color group portrait, artistic reproduction of Liu Bei was Tuogu the scene, from the initial White Emperor Temple worship Gongsun, became a ritual Shu Han monarch Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei where, after several shift, now on display in the showroom of archaeological finds from the Neolithic period to the Qing Dynasty between six or seven thousand, Baidicheng in the area of ​​cultural relics unearthed hundreds, also recently completed "Du Fu Chant" large porcelain painting.

Baidi temple, ancient poetry, inscriptions many, crafts and artifacts on display there are more than 1000. Including the famous Warring States at the turn of Bashu bronze swords, shaped like a willow, superb technology, visitors to watch the occasion, deeply praise the ancient Ba people's wisdom and skill in my heart. East, west two Beilin, displays more than 70 blocks of stone intact, which Sui Dynasty inscriptions dating back more than a thousand 300 to 400 years old. In East Beilin, "Phoenix monument" and "bamboo monument" the most compelling. 

Baidicheng picturesque, many monuments. It has become a must-visit for foreign tourists to visit the Three Gorges scenery land. Baidicheng Ming and Qing Department when building today, Ming-liang Temple, Temple, pavilion, Wangjiang Tower and other buildings, as well as Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, who is painted gold statue and hanging bellows Gap coffin exhibition.

Three Gorges Project, the water level elevation. Baidicheng surrounded by water, to be paradise on earth, the scenery will be more attractive, boat reach of the city. 2006 May 25, Baidicheng as the Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty of ancient buildings, the State Council approved the inclusion of the sixth national cultural heritage list.

Car lines

Address: Fengjie County, Chongqing Municipality Baidicheng

Traffic Line: Take the high-speed hydrofoil boat dock seven hours in Chaotianmen new arrival Fengjie county, transfer buses from the hotel Baidicheng (30 minutes, 5 yuan / person).

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