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Chongqing Iron-Peak Mountain National Forest Park

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Iron-Peak Mountain National Forest Park (Grand Pass Forest Park) 15 km from the main city of Wanzhou, up to 1308 m above sea level, an area of ​​3.5 hectares. The park stretches mountains, deep valleys and steep rock, Qifeng large Tsui, lush forest. In species pine, fir, slash pine, loblolly pine, cedar, owner, Jing Zhu based. Dense forests, wildlife habitat is the natural place, the birds warble Heming, visitors to add to the fun!

Chongqing Iron-Peak Mountain National Forest Park

Forest Park has a total area of ​​9100 hectares, the forest coverage rate of 95%, the park lush forests, abundant flora and fauna, there are 869 kinds of forest plants, 500 kinds of forest animals, is a treasure trove of rich flora and fauna. With pine, fir, fir plantations mainly of tall full-bodied, with leaflets Qinggang, Detached, Chen Nan, maple and other mainly subtropical evergreen broad-leaved deciduous forest distribution patchwork, full of color forest landscape seasonal changes. Set-hung, dangerous, extraordinary, Jun, the United States in one of the tall mountains, cliffs, cloud steaming fog cover, magnificent, both Quan Silk, waterfalls splash jade, but also the rich, such as embroidery, herb wormwood .

Chongqing Iron-Peak Mountain National Forest Park

Iron-Peak Mountain Forest Park is divided into Golden Lion, Phoenix Mountain, tiefosi, shells and four mountain resorts. Here, spring azaleas are blooming, the hills are covered in full swing; Zhang summer mountain streams gurgling, flowers; autumn green leaves, clusters of leaves, berries covered with branches; snowy winter, snow, very spectacular. The main natural attractions Shiqianfeng Tsui, Chaotianmen sunrise, Phoenix Ridge clouds, day drum Ying Feng, Shi Gongshi mother, five pools remarks, Zhu Ying Verdant allows you to dizzying.

The historic monuments in the forest park, rich cultural landscape. Fengyi Temple was built in the Ming Dynasty, covering about 100,000 square meters, more remains, is Yudong temple, the famous Buddhist shrine, people can now enjoy the pomp of the year. Raising children nest Cliff hundreds of years of vicissitudes intact leaving you amazed.

Rich Buddhist culture, beautiful forest scenery, the natural landscape and cultural landscape integration, pavilions, spectacular, so many Chinese and foreign tourists feel good, forget.

Car lines

Address: Wanzhou District of Chongqing Iron-Peak peak rural territory

Car lines: transportation in Chaotianmen Square bus station to take the bus or boat to dock at the Chaotianmen Wanzhou District, in the bus or a taxi to town after days Tiefeng Township that is to

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