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Northern Mountain Rock Carvings (Dazu Rock Carvings)

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Dazu Rock Carvings is located in southwest China's Chongqing Dazu County, here known as "stone town" reputation. Dazu Rock Carvings initially dug in between the early Tang Yong Hui years (649 AD), after the late Tang Dynasty, Five Dynasties (AD 907 ~ 959 years), flourished in the Song Dynasty (AD 960 to 1278), Ming and Qing Dynasties (AD 14 to 19 century) also has increased engraved, culminating in a large-scale, set the culmination of stone art essence of China's stone base, called on behalf of the late Chinese grotto art, and Yungang Grottoes, the Longmen Grottoes and Mogao Grottoes with par. Dazu Rock Carvings group includes a total of 70 stone statues of many, a total of 10 million statue, which Kitayama, Baoding Mountain, Nanshan, Shizhuanshan, Shimenshan five most famous and concentrated.

Northern Mountain Rock Carvings (Dazu Rock Carvings)

Kitayama Cliff engraved in the late Tang beginning to the end of the Southern Song Dynasty, Dazu stone located on 2 kilometers north county Kitayama. Big Buddha Bay center, five around the Goddess of Mercy throughout its slope, Camp slope, rock Buddha ears, a total north pagoda. Up to over 500 meters. Rock about 7 meters high, along the cliff statues. From south to north if the shape of the new moon cave shrine as hives. More than 5000 statues. Delicate exquisite statues, skilled clever. Apart from some inscriptions, tower blocks and small shallow cave shrine mutilation, the rest are preserved.

Kitayama, the ancient name Longgang Mountains, from Dazu County, Longgang Town, 1.5 km above sea level 545.5 m. Kitayama Cliff area of ​​7.62 hectares focus the scope of protection, the general scope of the protection area of ​​21.82 hectares, the construction of the control zone area of ​​28.15 hectares. Kitayama Buddha Bay Cliff, dug in AD 892 ~ 1162 (Tang Jingfu first year to the Southern Song Dynasty Shaoxing). Posing cliff face about 300 meters long, 7 to 10 meters high. Cave shrine dense hive, divided into North and South two, through as resolution 290 (No. 1 to 100 South segments 101 to 290 as North).Wherein statues 264 cave shrine, incised in FIG. 1, Pillar Column 8.

Northern Mountain Rock Carvings (Dazu Rock Carvings)

Beishan Cliff ten thousand statues, funded mainly secular pray Buddha sculpture. 51 kinds of statues theme, Tantric Buddhism based, accounting for more than one-half of the total. Second, there are third-order teaching, Pure Land Buddhism and so on. These statues are the subject was extremely popular in the private sector, it is a product of secularization of Buddhism, different from China early caves. Kitayama statues carved with delicate, fine arts skills absolutely beautifully elegant and known to the world, showing the pages 9th century to the 12th century (the late Tang Dynasty, Five Dynasties, Song Dynasty) Chinese folk religion and Buddhist grotto art style of development, change.

Northern Mountain Rock Carvings (Dazu Rock Carvings)

9th century statues of the late Tang has 12 types of subject matter, and to the Goddess of Mercy Guanyin, possession of niches and together retinues Guanyin Buddha, in possession of the majority. Dignified statues plump, vigorous temperament, fine drapery, Usugi fitted, having a legacy Tang. Prevail niches No. 5, No. 9 niche Avalokitesvara, Buddha shrines No. 10, No. 51 shrines III, No. 52 Buddha niches, etc. are representative works. Especially in view of No. 245 Amitayus Sutra disguised content-rich, structured, engraved "Western Trinity", "Mishina nine students", "not students complain", "Sixteen concept 'and SKILL Heaven, pavilions and so on; Posing 539 characters, more than 460 various artifacts, preserved many historical image; premier in China grotto statues similar themes.

Five statues AD mid-10th century statues accounted for more than one-third of Kitayama is the largest statues of this period China region, has an important role nexus. There are 18 kinds of statues themes, the emergence of new content pharmacists Sutra, Dharani Pillar Column and so on. Art is characterized by its small size, body changing, look chic, ornamentation becoming complicated Korea, showing a transition from the style of Tang Song Dynasty. No. 53 as the Buddha, Bodhisattvas, both Gu Pu Tang Dynasty carved plump, with a slender body and statues of the Song Dynasty. Buddhist goddess Guanyin No. 273 and the waiter, No. 281 East pharmacist Pure disguised so on, rather thin clothing body-Tang style, Song also deemed carved beautiful appearance.

Northern Mountain Rock Carvings (Dazu Rock Carvings)

The late 10th century to the mid 12th century Song Dynasty statues wide range of topics, up to 21, especially the most prominent of Guanyin, known as "China Guanyin statues museum." Works of this period closer to life, reflecting the aesthetic taste of the Song Dynasty. Statues have distinctive personalities, body beautiful, well-proportioned, wearing Dai Yanli and so on. The most representative No. 136 was built in the runner between AD 1142 ~ 1146 Sutra Cave. The cave carved statues in a quiet reflect their inner face of tranquility, with its exquisite attire was noble identity. To shape, both line and plane, with Chinese national characteristics. Ying Luo naked, covered in streamers, beads flower clusters, exquisitely carved, decorative Sauvignon; and mostly well-preserved, like a new moment, is recognized as the "jewel in the crown of Chinese grotto art." Others, such as the number of beads 125 No. Guanyin hand, No. 113 and No. 133 Water Moon Guanyin, mahamayuri Cave No. 155, No. 177 sizhoutou Story niches, No. 180, etc. are thirteen Guanyin Cave disguise this period treasures. These statues image, attitude, personality, and looked even folds, ornaments, etc., are intriguing; rich combination of changes, beautifully carved, move step by step, Panorama, unexpected mood after another.

Kitayama Cliff, the extant stele 7 pass. Among them, carved in AD 895 years, "Wei Junjing monument" great value complement Tangshi of; carved in the year 1163 ... "Zhao Yi Jane male Shinto monument" between 1189, one of the Department of the Song of the four calligrapher Cai Jing of the book, calligraphy Art treasures; Chapter twenty-two "Ancient Writing monument", were historians call "between oneworld only this moment." In addition, there is also inscriptions, poems 17, Statues 77. Of history and geography, religion, caves dating stage, studies of historical figures such as the higher value of the respective fields.

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