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China Three Gorges Museum, Chongqing

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Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum (Chongqing Museum) formerly known as the March 1951 establishment of the Southwest Museum. June 1955 Yin Xinan large area removed, renamed Chongqing Municipal Museum, in September 2000, the State Council approved the establishment of the Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum (Chongqing Museum).

 China Three Gorges Museum,Chongqing

After the founding of the CPC Southwest Bureau to promote cultural and heritage conservation Southwest career development, under the personal care of Comrade Deng Xiaoping, on March 8, 1951 set up in Chongqing, Southwest Museum, Southwest Museum in October 1951 officially on display, by either Vice Premier State Council People's Republic of China Guo wrote the museum name. In the Southwest Region cultural development plan, the Southwest Museum as Southwest Center Hall, directly under the Southwest Bureau of culture and education management, planning under the jurisdiction of the "five museum a" by renowned historian Xu Shu Dean, Feng Han Ji, Zhou Su Park, Fang Guoyu vice president, in October 1953, the people of Southwest Museum (formerly known as Western Academy of Sciences) and Ru Xinan Museum. Museum of the Southwest Museum into a comprehensive set of historical, archaeological, natural in one. Its inception, Southwest Museum held "Southwest relics exhibition," "land reform southwest of cultural relics on display" and other important exhibitions, organization and implementation of the Archaeological Survey of Chengdu-Chongqing railway, the Baoji-Chengdu railway, excavations, discovered in China's influential " Ziyang people "skull, important excavations of burial presided over the Sichuan Zhaohua Lun Institute, Chongqing Baxian bamboo shoots dam Prachuab Guan burial tombs, Chengdu sheep son tomb, etc., and to collect and rescued the provisional capital since the war period and the diaspora in Chongqing large number of precious cultural relics of ancient southwestern region. Southwest Museum gathered Deng Shaoqin, Dong Qixiang, Xu Wenbin, Chen Zhong often a large number of historical relics experts, erected Southwest heritage and cultural undertakings basic framework of the Southwest and cultural heritage development has had a significant and far-reaching impact.

Chongqing Municipality in Southwest Museum Museum basis, after nearly six years of development, gradually established a community cultural diaspora provisional capital of the war legacy, Southwest National Heritage, historical relics in Chongqing, the Three Gorges relics, consisting mainly of modern cultural relics collection system , covering ancient pottery, porcelain, bronzes, paintings, jade, embroidery, carving, stone carving, rubbings, coins, ethnic folk heritage, modern heritage (including war relics, revolutionary relics), 23 cultural categories; formed the ancient human specimens, the Three Gorges relics, Prachuab bronze, relics of the Han Dynasty (stone, stone palace, portrait tiles, etc.), Southwest national Heritage, home front war relics, built heritage community, the provisional capital during the war down the accumulation of ancient ceramics, Song Yuanming Qing painting and calligraphy, guqin ancient ink and other features of the collection series; build the Southwest national Heritage exhibition, Chongqing exhibition of historic objects, natural specimens exhibition, revolutionary relics exhibition, ancient porcelain, calligraphy and painting exhibition as the main exhibition Chen system; established the Study of Bashu culture Research local history of Chongqing, Chongqing Modern and Contemporary history, revolutionary history Study, study the history of the Southwest national, archaeological surveys and excavations framework as the main body; build by the Chongqing Municipal Museum, hosted, and the derived and developed Hongyan Revolutionary Memorial Hall, Chongqing "Sino-US cooperation," Chiang offense Exhibition (Chongqing Geleshan revolutionary Memorial Hall), Chongqing Museum of Natural History, Museum of Chongqing, the former site of the Korean provisional government, Chongqing (Huangshan) war site Museum, Chongqing City cultural relics and Archeology and other cultural units, laid the basic pattern of Chongqing cultural heritage conservation and career development.

During the construction of the Three Gorges Project, Chongqing Municipal Museum bear on the one hand as the host of the Three Gorges relics protection rescue organization, coordination and underground, ground rescue cultural relics protection work data storage reservoir area in Chongqing, while responsible for a large number of underground cultural relics rescue excavation as the main business, cultural ground move protection task.

In order to better protect and display the results of the Three Gorges rescue cultural relics, the State Council in September 2000 approved the establishment of the Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum, former Chongqing Municipal Museum officially incorporated, add a Chongqing museum sign. After nearly five years of preparation, the Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum on June 18, 2005 formally opened. Museum covers an area of ​​30,000 square meters, construction area of ​​42,500 square meters, the exhibition area of ​​23,225 square meters; existing career preparation 200 active employees 184 people; internal bodies 14, of which seven research departments: the Ministry of collections, research Department, Department of Archeology, Chongqing Three Gorges Paleoanthropology, cultural Institute of the Three Gorges area, Chongqing Institute of war heritage, heritage restoration center; has with the United States 西雅图贝克 Museum, national Museum Wales, United Kingdom, France Toulouse museum, Egypt Nubian Museum and other famous foreign museums signed a letter of intent for friendly cooperation, and cooperation with Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Peru, Russia, India, Japan, Israel and other relevant organizations to organize cultural heritage art exhibitions; existing permanent exhibition 10, the average annual launch and the introduction of temporary exhibitions 30, received an annual 1.5 million viewers.

Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum in Southwest Museum inheritance, rich heritage on the basis of the Chongqing Municipal Museum, reform and innovation, forge ahead, to enhance the overall collection, exhibitions, academic research, education and community service, becoming the first national level Museum, Central District build a national museum objects cultivation, national patriotism education bases, national youth education base in Chongqing and science base.

Museum exhibitions

Exhibitions basic exhibition consists of four, six thematic displays, a 360-degree movie week, a half landscape painting exhibition, a practice center and three spectators temporary exhibitions constitute. Exhibitions including the "magnificent Three Gorges", "Bayu ancient", "Chongqing · City Road", "War Years"; thematic displays are "early pear Lee donated relics", "history painting", "ancient porcelain" "Han Dynasty sculpture art", "Southwest ethnic folk customs", "ancient coins."

4 basic exhibition, the "magnificent Three Gorges" to the rich historical and cultural heritage information display, the Three Gorges of the human spirit. "Bayu ancient" to the Stone Age, Bronze Age relics collection, showcasing Chongqing ancient civilization dating back 3,000 years roots of culture. "Chongqing: City Road" to a large number of cultural relics, reflecting the 100 years of the 20th century, a number of opportunities and development of Chongqing is facing, including the city changes, the formation of commercial and financial center status, the rise of industry and so on. Chongqing play a role in promoting the scanning of the characters, events, show style after Chongqing became a municipality. "War Years", rich cultural relics, the most prominent contribution and sacrifice of Chinese Anti-Japanese War and the world anti-fascist war, the people of Chongqing city and Chongqing cause of human progress made peace. Each with six thematic highlights of the exhibition, "Li Chu pear Donation Exhibition", a blend of the late well-known collector, the party's senior cadres of various artifacts Li Chu pear donated in memory of the old revolutionary spirit of selfless dedication, show his Gao Chao heritage appreciation. "Ancient painting and calligraphy exhibition", from more than 10,000 Southern Song Zhimin States (including national level cultural relics around 170) painting and calligraphy works featured in more than 100 treasures on display. "Ancient porcelain exhibition," from the 8000 collection of ancient treasures in the exhibition featured more than 200 pieces. "Han Dynasty Sculpture Exhibition" in Chongqing unique selection of sculptures, including the famous "storyteller figurines", "Bayu Bird", "Wu Yang Hanque" and about 300 exhibits. "Ancient coins" exhibition focused on the yuan currency from ancient to contemporary shell of our country, more than 2000 exhibits. "Southwest Folklore local customs" exhibition, showcasing folk arts and crafts and ethnic minorities living in Southwest China.

"Big Three Gorges Central screen digital movie" - by CCTV and the Central News studios have ended the aerial photography work, is currently in post-production. It means to reflect the high-tech movie before the Three Gorges reservoir water storage of natural scenery, cultural customs, is a permanent memorial to the former style of the Three Gorges Three Gorges Project.

"Bombing Raid half landscape painting gallery" - integrated form by means of modern technology and sculpture, paintings, reflecting the Bombard of historical events, allowing viewers to "visit" the bombing scene, feel the tragic bombing of reproduction Anti-Japanese War as the wartime provisional capital of Chongqing during the Japanese aircraft were bombing several years of tragic and tragic, to arouse people cherish peace, life. These exhibitions manner, the people are easy to understand, easy to generate interest and finally admitted acceptable. Careful to all kinds of exhibitions and text commentary on diction and vocabulary applications, experts will fully take care of the people of terms used to ensure that the public can understand, understand.

  Three temporary exhibition hall, will be used to host international and domestic cultural exchanges, exhibitions, and arrange in the important anniversaries, holidays and major celebrations topics, thematic exhibitions.

The museum will also open visitors center practice, the formation of the museum and visitors fully interactive. In this audience Practice Center, focusing on young people to participate in the organization of archaeological interest, directly involved in the Three Gorges archaeological scene, simulated exploration, excavation and other archaeological activities. In appreciation of calligraphy and painting class interaction, the audience conversion from visitors to appreciate the identity of identity, studied painting under the guidance of experts, taste fine paintings, framed painting study skills, enhance their level of appreciation of painting and calligraphy. Participants will be replicated in the copying class interaction ancient pottery, porcelain, under the guidance of professionals, imitation of these works, and try to repair cultural relics. All of these interactive activities, visitors are in the leisure entertainment, obtain the relevant skills and knowledge.

Car lines

Address: Renmin Road, Yuzhong District No. 236

Car lines: the inner loop can take the 112, 112 outer ring road, the road line 132, intermediate passage 145 upward, the road line 152, line 181 on the road, the road line 215, line 261 on the road, the road line 262, line 265 on the road , the road line 322, line 338 on the road, the road line 421, line 609 on the road, the road line 810, line 829 on the road, the road loop 862, 881 waiting for the bus line in the hall way station

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