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Gele Mountain National Forest Park

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Gele Mountain National Forest Park is located in Shapingba District, 16 km away from Chongqing city center. With mountains, rivers, forests, springs, caves, clouds, fog and other natural landscape and "elegant, deep, Gu Pu, broad-minded," the style known as "mountain Emerald", also named the "two lungs, one main city" . He was named the national AAAA level scenic spots in 2002 and 2003 by the National Forest Park.

Gele Mountain National Forest Park

Gele, a genus of Liangshan Mountains, the provisional capital of it remains and Baigongguan during the war, and renowned Chinese Cinder Cave prison, especially with the novel "Red Rock" widely circulated, became a hero of the Gele Mountain mountains. Here green pines and cypresses, Linhe beautiful, beautiful natural scenery and the mountains in the provisional capital of the remains of Lin Yuan, and the foot of the Martyrs Gele Mountain together become the people leisure holiday, a good place to pursue history. Gele Mountain Scenic Area by the center peak area, the official residence of Jiang Jieshi "Lin Yuan" martyrs' cemetery in Chongqing and three scenic spots. At the foot of scenic mountain Martyrs of SACO, Baigongguan, Cinder Cave and other historical sites, the scenic aspect over 10 kilometers, is a national key cultural relics units, domestic and overseas tourists every year 2 million people, is the most famous in Chongqing area.

Gele Mountain for "princes in Tu Yu, Zhao Zhong Bin keep up this song," named after, horseshoe well, many myths and legends into the Longquan wells, springs clever, Ba culture sculpture gallery and other cultural attractions slick Bayu ; the "Clarion spiritual tone", "Genting smoke", "Shi Feng You rock" and dozens of beautiful quiet natural landscape, has always been a tourist attraction Bayu. Ancient literati poet, Sheriff celebrities love this Exploring the Range Rover. Anti-Japanese War, Guo, Bing Xin, Lao She, Zang and so many have been left in the mountains Clerical Quotes; Jiang Jieshi, Lin Sen, Feng Yuxiang's residence also features a hill, and left a large number of inscriptions, and therefore have a wealth of Gele Mountain cultural connotations history.

As China's first Sports Park Forest, Forest Park Gele Mountain recently launched a flying drop Clarion, Clarion rock climbing, joy forest, round Forests climbing, aerial adventure maze, forest off-road karting, off-road mountain biking, Red Rock and other dangerous road many sports and leisure projects, and in 2003 also awarded China's first forest Sports Park. Gele Mountain Forest Park also built the first Gele Mountain provisional capital of Chongqing Culture Exhibition Hall, the sports fitness, entertainment and rich cultural melting into one, showing infinite charm Gele Mountain sports and leisure tourism.

Gele Mountain National Forest Park

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Gele Mountain Forest Park entertainment

Forest off-road karting: a total length of more than 800 meters in a unique mountain bike track, thrills, speeding through the jungle racing, horsepower gives you full driving pleasure, the most fashionable sports bring you the most avant-garde feel.

Clarion Climbing: Rock climbing is a human challenge the limits, conquer an emerging sport of nature, wall laudatory ballet, very popular among young people and climbers of all ages. Clarion Gyms natural climbing path and reference to international standards to build artificial climbing a total of 12 channels, different difficulty, as the largest outdoor climbing wall in the southwest region, not only for visitors to participate in individual or group activities and organization unit organizing large-scale formal the best place to race.

Clarion Descent: This project grew out of training courses climber, an activity as a means of ropes, straps from high the drop-down. "Clarion Descent" is currently the country's first fixed station downhill slope, a total length of 310 meters, elevation 55 meters, visitors can participate in a taste of whistling in the vast jungle-down thrills, but also at the same time aerial view of Shapingba panoramic.

Air Adventures Maze: is the only air cliff climbing and forest Chongqing combination of forest adventure maze, a total length of 300 meters along the cliff, located 13 mark, full of ups and downs, twists and turns, tourists place in them, like the air come and go in the forest shuttle, while routing Pathfinder, pass through the narrow wins, natural challenges, overcome self, you will surely get funky happy.

Mountain biking: Here a professional lane and ordinary lane, allowing you to fully experience the thrills and excitement in the jungle.

Fairy tale: enter a beautiful fairy-tale world, watch and listen to the famous fairy tale, through participation in their own fantasy interpretation of "fairy tale." Fantasy fairy tale feel combined with organic green forest, the children find happiness, to adults of childhood dreams.

Clarion Eco hiking trails: the new 6 "Clarion Eco hiking trails", there is designed for children of "growth ladder" hiking trails, there is the love theme of "concentric Road", there is a beautiful legend around Gele Mountain "Sin Lafont hiking trails ", aware of life's" way of life "...... this 6" Clarion Eco hiking trails "starting point and end point are set engraved with signs along the scientific fitness, mountaineering scientific knowledge; a number of rest platforms along the way have a seating seats and related projects highlight hiking trails deepen each topic.

Car lines

Address: Chongqing Shapingba District Gele Mountain Town Forest Road

Car lines: 1, chenjiawan (weight division back door) multiplied by the intense green surface road song of three hundred ladder into the forest park. 2, Caiyuanba Bus 210 - chenjiawan - under Gele Mountain cableway station, ride sightseeing cable directly into Forest Park. 3, take the northern city of Beiqi 201, 280 Three Gorges Square, Shiqiaopu 278-- Lin Yuan - Gele Mountain Forest Park.

Car lines: Chongqing - Shapingba - Chenjiawan - Gele Mountain town - Gele Mountain

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