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South Mountain Rock Carvings (Dazu Rock Carvings)

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Dazu Rock Carvings is located in southwest China's Chongqing Dazu County, here known as "stone town" reputation. Dazu Rock Carvings initially dug in between the early Tang Yong Hui years (649 AD), after the late Tang Dynasty, Five Dynasties (AD 907 ~ 959 years), flourished in the Song Dynasty (AD 960 to 1278), Ming and Qing Dynasties (AD 14 to 19 century) also has increased engraved, culminating in a large-scale, set the culmination of stone art essence of China's stone base, called on behalf of the late Chinese grotto art, and Yungang Grottoes, the Longmen Grottoes and Mogao Grottoes with par. Dazu Rock Carvings group includes a total of 70 stone statues of many, a total of 10 million statue, which Kitayama, Baoding Mountain, Nanshan, Shizhuanshan, Shimenshan five most famous and concentrated.

South Mountain Rock Carvings (Dazu Rock Carvings) 

Nanshan, the ancient name "spade blade mountain", also known as "broad Mountain", from Dazu County 2 km south. Nanshan since ancient times was listed as one of Dazu Ten. Jade surviving ancient hilltop view of the site, the mountains towering old trees, lush shadowy, tall bamboos lined, winding streets, there has always been "Nanshan Ping" reputation, is the ancient literati enjoy the cool tea, poems for Fu is the best place. National Tsing Hua University feet magistrate Zhang Shu Chan said: "Road song sound clip Bay Greenview, Cong Huang beauty cream gown on, take a break and asked to empty Fa, looking up call Qualcomm emperor seat."

Nanshan Caves, located in the Nanshan named because, grotto art in China is rare, a comprehensive system of pure Taoist god statues. Is the Dazu Rock Carvings in a grotto bookish most concentrated. Statues originated in the Song, Ming and Qing dynasties have additions, works through No. 15. There Zhenwu, Houtu Goddess, Samcheong-dong, Cave, Song monument through 5, inscription 7, 15 clear monument pass, Qing dynasty couplets each one. In 1996 it promulgated a national key cultural relics protection units, 1999 December 1, will be included in the UNESCO "World Heritage" list.

South Mountain Rock Carvings (Dazu Rock Carvings)

Dazu Rock Carvings is located in Nanshan southeast of the county, beginning in the Southern Song Dynasty carved (1127 - 1278) period, Ming and Qing dynasties also a little supplement. A total of 15 stone statues Nanshan Cave, the main themes to the main Taoist statues, carved works fine, plump shape, Painted surfaces and more. Nanshan stone extant Chinese Taoist stone statues in the most concentrated, the maximum number, reflecting the pantheon of the most complete of a stone base.

August 16, 1956, Sichuan Provincial People's Committee announced that Cliff is a Sichuan Nanshan cultural relics protection units; after Chongqing became a municipality, Chongqing has been named the Chongqing key cultural relics protection units. Here a Cliff Fifteen niche statues. Are works mainly with Taoism, which is a major feature of this mountain. Samcheong-dong is the ancient masterpiece!

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Address: Dazu County, Chongqing Nanshan scenic stone

Car lines: Caiyuanba bus station after the car to direct interchange Dazu County Nanshan scenic stone

Car lines: From Egongyan - XIEJIAWAN overpass - Dragon Road - Chongqing Kunming highway - Highway 205-- Nanshan scenic stone

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